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 General Rules

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General Rules  Empty
PostSubject: General Rules    General Rules  EmptySat 7 Jan - 17:26

1- The respect for others is essential.
Being disrespectful to an ethnic group, a sexual, political or other orientation will be severely sanctioned.
I remind you that even if you play a character with a bad character or offending, that do not mean that you can be the same out of Role Play.
It is sad to say but even nowadays far too many players confus In RP and Off RP.

2- We are not on a phone.
It is thus forbidden to write in SMS on the completeness of the forum.
We do not ask you for an irreproachable spelling but pay all the same attention on your faults. But don't harass those who have trouble too. (little reminder that the admin is French and have to do extra effort to writ in english)

3- Before subscribing, choose you name with care. One account can only play one character. There will be a lot of Sanses, Papyrus and others of the same Universe so try to find a Name, a Surname and a story proper to you. Or you can play an OC, it's okay as long as they're compatible with the Background of the forum.

Ex: Underswap Papyrus= Strech or Swap or Papy or SwaPapy or Honey ; Sans= Tale!Sans or SA-N5 or Sanssy or Sans-042 or Original or Ketchup

Your pen name must be pronounceable, understandable and acceptable in the universe of Undertale.
Will be deleted every account with a Pen name of the kind: Asgore4Rules or SansTheHuman.
Any offending pen names will be refused.

4- For your Avatar, you can use photos or images stemming from manga, from video games or from fanart of your choice as long as the image does not exceed 200x350 pixels at the most and as you credit the authors in your signature

5- Your signatures for each of you characters will not have to exceed 100x600 pixels.
You have to put in your signatures the name and the link of the original creators of your characters (for the AUs) as well as the link of the original artist of your avatar and signatures ( when you can and even if it's you). For the multi character account, please make a list of your characters and a link to their introduction.

6- You can play multiple characters with one account but with some restrictions. One account can’t have more than 5 characters. All of them must be validated with an introduction. You can, too, have one character for one account if you prefer.
If a character mattering in a RP is unplayed for too long without explanation, they will be proposed to new players or something will happen to make them disappear. [Code 1: How the gentle wind]

7- Have fun, eccentricity in any kinds are more than welcome.
In case, you can always be delirious in the flood if it is inappropriate in the RP...

8- Most important rule: If you have a problem with another member (harassment, insults), no need to settle that at loggerheads in a flood or to the chatbox, warn directly the administrator who will do what's necessary.

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General Rules
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