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 Playable Characters

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PostSubject: Playable Characters   Playable Characters EmptySat 16 Sep - 4:09

Playable You can play this character no matter your Role Play level

DifficultThis character is hard to play in this context. Only an excellent Role Play can give you the right to play such a character.

Forbidden You can't play this character.

List of Characters:

Most common monster in the Citadel. Can come from any Au. Have to find a surname to look apart from the other same Sanses.

Uncommon monster, the most common ones are from Underswap. Overprotected and in high demand from the Sans population. They're the center of attention, good or bad.

Rare monsters, try to find their place in a city where her best friend can even be protected from her. Often see as symbol of authority, they can easily find a job in security. Swap Undynes are a little lost because of this stereotype.

Very Rare, since they commit suicide in most of the timelines. They're protected bu the Undynes most of the time. They are not trusted in science field and have to find other way to live. Swap Alphys are known to be good Bodyguards.

Very Rare, they are never trusted with power, even the Swap ones. The lack of real vegetation make their life tasteless

Rare monsters, they are liked by most Sanses and has good reputation. Life seem easier for them and some monsters hate that.

Rare monsters, they tend to appear more in robot form than not. Since Papyruses likes them so much, they easelly find their place in entertainment. But when they fail, they're so easy to replace that their lives are stressful.

Uncommon, they tend to appear more in Ghost form. They live their lives peacefully most of the time. The Robot ones works in the music industry most of the time but since they're compete against each others, it's really hard for them to really look apart.

Uncommon Monster, sometimes one of the only survivors. Appreciated by the Sanses, the ones who came in the Citadel early made a fortune. The others, unfortunately, have to find another way to live. Between the Muffets and the Grillbys there is too much competition in the food industry.

Rare likable business woman, unlike Grillbys, they tend to form groups and gangs to survive in the Citadel. The more spiders the better.

Almost inexistent. Humains like Chara or Frisk are mostly killed for safety. There must be only two or three of each. They're highly monitored and are treated like prisoners or slaves in the worst case. Experiences on their determination is prohibited. The only fact to show their red soul is considered as provocation.

Floweys are killed on sight. Asriels are protected by Asgores and Toriels if found before a Sans who now who they are. They're not seen as innocent children's and are feared by most. It's forbidden for them to be near a Papyrus.

Lost in the void, every Gaster fused in one entity. They're an omnipotent being capable of the best or the worst depend of the one who's in charge in his head. They don't live the in Citadel but can appear and act when they can manifest himself.

(Other Monsters) and OCs
The list is not exhaustive. You can make you own monsters or play one from the game. There is so many you can choose but you'll need a solid background to justify their presence.

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Playable Characters
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