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 Ghost (Goner Kid)

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Ghost (Goner Kid)   Ghost (Goner Kid) EmptyMon 2 Oct - 10:27

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Goner Kid
Nickname: Ghost
Age: Unquantifiable. Appear to be a kid?

Universe of Origin: Undertale
Soul Trait:  Empty (Used to be

Attack pattern:  They appear to be unable to use magic entirely, Besides regular function of their body.

Personality: Ghost seems to act neutrally towards most people, with no preference as far as whether or not they're a good or bad person, although they are unlikely to act until a reason has been given they can understand. They aren't going to hurt someone without reason, but they also won't help either. Without much of their sentimentality they can come off as cold, although they understand that this will unnerve people and will make an attempt to be polite. It's rare that they show much emotion however, apparently fairly muted in their preferences and feelings. They tend to take things at a neutral face-value, not always knowing why someone would do or have something if they don't seem to have reason.

Appearance: They look similar to a Monster Kid, however instead of the friendly yellow scales and colors that Monster Kid usually has they're a monochromatic grey. Along with being devoid of color on their own, they're missing the spines that they should have, and instead  have two large slits in the back of their head, which they greatly dislike things touching. Their eyes are an empty white, with neither iris nor pupils.

Backstory: There was history there, they knew. Somewhere in the multiverse they had once existed, a happy kid in the underground just waiting for a chance to leave. It usually seemed like that was a far away goal. Sometimes they remembered having all the souls they needed. Sometimes they didn't even remember the underground at all.

They did remember what had happened to them though. In each timeline they could remember they had ended up with a doctor... another monster that made their head scratch with familiarity. He should remember. They did this to them after all, surely their name was there among their memories. However, he could never quite get the whole thing. Surely if they met again they would recognize him.

After all, he was the one who had erased them from so many worlds. Not all of them but... enough. Sometimes they remembered it being just an accident, where they were happy to help, there by choice because they wanted to help. There had been a miscalculation, maybe just a slip up by chance, but it still happened. An extreme pain, and then nothing. Those memories where what would let them forgive him, that doctor, they seemed sorry.

There were other memories though. Parts of their memory where they had been dragged in against their will, stolen and broken and tortured even, forced into submission. Used as a battery to some sick machine, to power something that never seemed to work. These memories were what made them wary of him most of all, the ones where he hadn't been nice to them, had seemed to enjoy their pain, their discomfort. There was everything in between those two extremes, but those were the ones they always remembered the most.

Sometimes there would be thoughts at the edge of their mind... where they met a human, laughed nervously, didn't exist. They were fleeting and momentary of course, they never remembered these memories for long.

As far as they were concerned, they had always lived in the citadel. Sometimes they would remember more or less, but they could have sworn that there wasn't a time they weren't there. Perhaps they were just never important. All that mattered was that they were there though, right? That they didn't suddenly just stop existing again.

*~About You~*

Nickname: French Toast
How did you found this forum? Via Tumblr
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): As autumn colors fall
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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost (Goner Kid)   Ghost (Goner Kid) EmptyMon 2 Oct - 11:56

Welcome, Goner Kid~
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost (Goner Kid)   Ghost (Goner Kid) EmptyMon 2 Oct - 14:15

Accepted ^^

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Ghost (Goner Kid)
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