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*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Comic Sans MS
Nickname: Comic
Age: He arrived at 25, and is here since what he would count as years, probably.

Universe of Origin: Tale
Soul Trait: Justice

Attack pattern: He can throw bones, manipulate gravity, use Gaster blasters, dodge practically everything due to his 1HP, and teleport around while attacking to confuse the enemy. He only has 1ATK, but he possesses the ability of Karmic Retribution, which is a poison effect, as strong as the enemy’s LV is high.

Personality: Comic sometimes feels like he already lived several lives at once. When he was younger, before all of this time-travelling mess started, he was pretty happy with his life, curious with everything - mostly science stuff - still lazy, but the okay kind of lazy, not the depressed kind of lazy. To be honest, he was playing this game mostly to infuriate his dear little brother.

Then the resets had started. He didn't really remember them, but he often had déjà-vus, flashbacks, nightmares. At first he didn't understand when it came from, then he discovered the truth about time travelling.

The depression started at this moment. What use could it ever be to fight in such a situation? Poor Papyrus never knew why his big brother suddenly started slowly falling down. Or maybe he understood some stuff. Papyrus was often less oblivious than monsters tended to believe.

Then he got into the Citadel, and he would easily classify this period of his life as the worst he ever passed through. Guiltiness was crawling on his back, mourning had to be done, as well as relearning how to live. Comic was so relieved to be dead he took pretty badly the fact that he actually wasn't.

He thought he would never heal from all this, he thought he was gonna die starving on the streets because he really didn't care anymore. But he got saved and he was finally able to learn to live again. Even though the shadow of depression is still above him, even though his nightmares keep prevent him of sleeping well, he started getting curious again and eventually took a scientist job in the Fell district. His lack of hope slowly shifted to a burning need for justice: he doesn't talk much, especially of his past, and tries to keep his circle of relatives small, but he feels obliged to intervene each time he sees something is going wrong for someone. He already put the Boss in not-so-good positions because of this.

Appearance: Comic has nothing special, he's just a Classic Sans. Small, black shorts, white shirt, blue, hooded jacket, always a smirk on his jaw and a wink in his eyes. Though he doesn't really wink anymore since he's in the Citadel. He also has a huge scar slashing his rib cage, following a sewed line on his jacket. He loved that jacket too much to throw it away and fixed it instead. Since his dominant soul trait shifted from patience to justice, his left eye when using magic is more yellow than blue now.

Backstory: Comic is one of the least original Sanses of the Citadel. He comes from a Tale universe which had nothing specific, besides the kid choosing the murderer path in the end. He's just the average lil’ skeleton, liking puns and ketchup and doing nothing because what use would it be of? The only thing differentiating him just a little from a lot of the others is his soul trait… and his scar. Comic hates that scar more than anything. It is the reminder that he failed, that his brother and all his friends died, that he died too (more or less), that his universe has been fully erased of time and space.

The only thing he hates more than his scar is the Citadel.

He hadn't understand why he hadn't become dust immediately after getting stabbed. Everything had been blurry and he’d been confusing reality - a bright corridor - and memories - Papyrus was yelling at him, saying that Grillby’s food was no good for him. He’d been smiling happily at his brother when all had gone black.

He couldn't know it, but Chara’d just destroyed his whole universe, mere seconds before he turned to dust.

He had regained consciousness stars know how much time later, in a hospital bed. He freaked out instantly. He was supposed to be dead and hospital bed definitely didn't mean dead. Not yet at least. Even though he’d never lived this scene, he’d automatically assumed there’d been a reset and doctors had been forced to put him out again.

Next time he woke up, he stayed still. He didn't want to fight anymore. He was so tired to fight. He’d tried, he’d really tried, but it had been useless just as he had predicted.

Eventually monsters came. Precisely, Alphys came. Not his Alphys, though. Just a random yellow lizard looking like Alphys but not quite much her and wearing a tag with ‘Dr. Alphys’ on the chest. She explained where he got lost, that his stab wound had been healed, that he would be able to get out of the hospital soon. He mechanically nodded to all of that. He didn't care anymore.

His first time outside the hospital was a shock. There were so many Papyrus. There were more Sanses but still, copies of his brother were easily noticeable. He felt intense sadness gripping his soul and walked away quickly, searching a place where there wouldn’t be so many people.

He doesn't really remember how much time it took for him to be dying on the streets. Probably not so much, since he basically stayed outside doing nothing and certainly not searching for a job, a roof, or even food. He didn't want to adapt to this new twist, he was tired of twists, he just wanted to be left alone.

He would probably have died here, on the streets, without nobody knowing him, if the hunger hadn't made him delirious at the end. He had gotten used to see Papyrus; but his hazy mind wasn't quite catching reality anymore.

He had forgotten he was in the Citadel. He had forgotten everything. So when he saw his brother, naturally, he ran after him, calling his name. Papyrus roughly pushed him away. Sans stayed here blinking, uncertain of what just happened, then he saw his brother again. He was walking fast, and didn't seem to hear Sans’ calls - but was Sans really calling him? Without knowing it, he got dragged from Sin District to Fell District, painfully tailing his brother without the tall skeleton noticing.

He fainted just next to a little crowd. The Papyrus was a journalist. He was taking pictures and growling because he was late and too far away in the back. Sans didn't realize that, though, nor he knew what happened when someone finally noticed him, kneeling next to him and calling for help. He didn't hear when an authoritative voice demanded that monsters got out of their way, nor he saw the tall, spiky copy of his brother lean over him.
“yikes, boss, this one doesn't look too good, ‘m right?”

Sans stayed unconscious a long time again. He was not at the hospital this time; Boss made doctors coming at his home. He didn't freak out this time when he woke up. He didn't do anything.

It was the Fell him that managed to get him react, talking, more than Boss. Seeing Boss was way too hard at the beginning - he was too different from his brother for Sans to confuse them, now that he was better, and as such the tall skeleton was a constant reminder of his little brother’s death. Sans found out quickly that his counterpart had been more or less adopted by this Papyrus, and that the latter would probably want to keep him too. He also got his nickname at the time being. The other him was tired of not knowing how to call him.

Slowly, hardly, Comic managed to want to go out of his room. His counterpart was good, knowing exactly what to do to drag him outside and just make him do things again. Eventually, he started helping out at one of Boss’ buildings, first just as a hobby, then as a real job. He was still sleeping at any moment because of his tiring nightmares, but nobody really cared about what he did; as the brother of the Boss, nobody touched him.

It’s probably that job which finally gave him the will to live, reminding him what he really liked before all of those shitstorms. But still, he hates the Citadel. It's a constant reminder of everything he lost and will never find back. He is very uncomfortable around any Tale Papyrus. He wouldn’t have stayed with his savior if he has been from Tale, too worried of forgetting his real brother. But at least now he can wake up every morning, knowing for sure that it's a new day.

*~About You~*

Nickname: Sinnychild
How did you find this forum? By Askellie’s Tumblr post (I fell in love instantly with her context idea, I couldn't ignore a forum based on it!)
Rules Codes: ♫ The loveliest lies of all ♪
Suggestions? Honestly I'm on mobile right now so I can't throw any, the navigation is uneasy anyway xD
Anything else? I'm French so if you're the kind of people who like to do that please please point me all my mistakes so I can improve. Gaster, thank you very much for your authorization about this character and I hope you liked what I did with it!
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Welcome and accepted dear Comic!

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Comic (UT Sans)
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