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 Dance with the Devil (Private Fellby)

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Dance with the Devil (Private Fellby) Empty
PostSubject: Dance with the Devil (Private Fellby)   Dance with the Devil (Private Fellby) EmptyWed 4 Oct - 19:01

"Hello, my sweeeeet Darling~"

Weaver had just settled in the bar, four of her eyes on the barman. A big smile illuminated the face of the spider, while her remaining eye, the one in the middle of her forehead, rummaged through the room distractedly, as if to soak up the atmosphere.

She loved coming to this place. The atmosphere was almost warm, with a small seedy side, characteristic of the Sin District. It reminded her of some of her memories.

Before, she was only a small saleswoman, in her timeline, accumulating the little money she amassed to help her family. But now she was rich and well surrounded. One of her children was on her shoulder, as if to whisper things in her ear.

Playing absent-mindedly with a pair of sunglasses, which, it must be said, made her very classy, even if it was useless here, the young lady was thinking.

For some time, this elementary interested her boss.  That mostly why she had became a regular of the bar. An alliance would be profitable and, above all, would make future events much more... fun~.

"How are you tonight, Fellby~? My little spiders missed you. Do you think you can served me something to comfort them?"

Her tone was soft and sensual, her voice sweet and tender. But her eyes didn't deceive. She was calculating, thinking, weighing the pros and cons. It shouldn't rush things, just take him quietly where she wanted him to be. And then... Her canvas will close around him, as with all the others.
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Dance with the Devil (Private Fellby)
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