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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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*~Your Character~*

Last Name: Gaster 
Name: Wingding 

Origin Univers: Every single of them
Soul Trait: Perseverance
Attack pattern: Hands and bones

Temper: Kind and cruel, protective and abusive, the best monster and the worst at the same time. The only thing constant is his perseverance. He'll never give up on a project, on an idea as long as it's not accomplished. He have also this curiosity. Sometime candid as a child and sometime cold and calculated like the Scientist he was. Anything new is like a candle in the void for him and he have to know everything about it. The bad can call the good in him and the good and call the bad. Gaster is changing constantly. Being a fusion of all of himself in the best and the worst don't help to keep a sain mind. With one monster, he'll be a gentleman, sincere and proud. With an other, he'll be the cruel and cold Royal Scientist seeking vengeance. No one can predict which Gaster is in front of them. But as long as you're not on his way, you don't have to worry about who you face, for he won't be stopped or reasoned. Your best chance is to run. 

Look : How can you describe something that does not exist anymore? Something that is only a memory, a concept almost forgotten by everybody. Changing as his temper, his appearance isn't constant except for the scares on his skeleton face. One on each eye. The one on his right eye climb up to his cranium in a long black stripe. The one on his left eye go down to his mouth. Sometimes, he's not even a skeleton and more of a ghoul, skinny and scary. Sometimes he won't even have a male appearance, sometimes he will be a she, or a them. Depend on who's in charge in his mind. He mostly have holes in his hands, sometimes they hurts, sometimes he's born with it. Every time, it appeared on his magic as well.  Most of the time, he appears to wear a long black coat covering everything except his hands and face. But he can too be an deformed white figure with no face, no cloth, no consistency at all. Depending of his strength, his normal form can be as tangible as any monster or dripping and melting like an Amalgamate.

Story: A brother, a father, a creator, a boss, a partner, a friend, an enemy, a lover, a rapist, a a Scientist, a Knight, Gaster il all if this at the same time for he lived multiple times. Every Gaster fallen into the Core are in one and unique entity. He il all of them and none of them at the same time.
One of his most common past begin before the war. Born in a loving family, he befriended Asgore, the future King of monsters. Sometimes they had a love interest, sometimes not. Sometimes they never even meet before the War.
And when it began, he lost all his family, making him the last skeleton alive most of the time. He can be a child, but he's adult in the great majority of the timelines. He joined the army and played a great part in it. That's when, most of the time, he befriend Grillby when the Fire Elemental is an adult. And they can be more than friends at that time until they're all trapped Underground.
Here, the story tend to normalise, he became Royal Scientist, gathered a team of the most intelligent monsters around him. Sometimes there is an other Skeleton with him, a brilliant assistant who'd agree to his every order just for the sake of his brother. When this Skeleton doesn't exist, he find a way to create him and his brother.
It can be an act of love, for he found a soulmate. It can be an accident with an experience. Or it can be intentional, for the sake of monsterkind. When the skeletons are not his own brothers, of course. The timelines and his realities are divergent from the moment the skeleton brothers are involved.
He was their creator and torturer. He was their loving brother. He was Sans's friend and Boss. He was Papyrus's secret lover. He was Sans's rapist. He was a good father. He was the worst father...
And again, his fate collides again for all Gaster to fall in to core. It can be an accident, it can be an assassination or it can be his choice.

*~You IRL~*

Surname: AerisHikari
How did you found this Forum? I created it
Rules Code: Validated because I made them
Any last word? Klatu Verata Nectu!
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