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 Warden (UF Papyrus)

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Warden (UF Papyrus)   Mon 18 Sep - 21:05

*~Your Character~*

Last Name: Aster
Name: Papyrus
Nickname/Alias: Warden
Age: 32

Origin Universe: Underfell
Soul Trait:Justice
Attack patern: Blue and White bones, able to use Blue Magic.

Temper: Honest, Fair according to the law, observant, smarter than most expect.
Unforgiving, lack of trust towards others,  Lead purely by the law instead of by morals, lives for himself. ((Sorry if this sent twice, if it did I'll delete one of these))
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Lost Soul

Messages : 41
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-18
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Warden (UF Papyrus)   Mon 18 Sep - 21:06

Look : Tall (9'3", about 2.8 meters), generally sharp looking skeleton dressed in a strange, damaged, and faded armor from his home timeline that he now refuses to take off. Along with his armor is a black jumpsuit that's been worn down over time to reveal patches of bone, and a dark red scarf that's faded in the time he's been left to himself. His gloves and armor are stained  a dusty grey color, which has proven impossible to wash out after his deletion. Nearly always has his face locked in a stony glare, determined to keep himself from growing too close to someone in the city but much more lonely than he'd like to admit.


Pre-Citadel: Papyrus lived as the previous Captain of the Royal Guard in Snowdin, working under Asgore to keep the town in line with his laws. The timeline was split between Toriel and Asgore, and Snowdin's proximity to The Ruins made it an especially volatile place. Papyrus would show no mercy to those breaking the law, and arranged regular patrols by the guard, both to watch for humans and keep monsters from getting to the ruins to help Toriel.
       However, His brother Sans aligned himself more with Toriel's more merciful, free side than with Asgore's tyrannical rule, and the two of them gradually grew to hate each other. Papyrus knew that Sans was not in line with the law, but could do nothing to him unless there was solid proof somewhere of a crime. Throughout various resets with Flowey, he did occasionally manage to catch Sans and other monsters engaging in illegal activities, and is not weighed down by the dust on his hands because of it. In his mind, every action he had taken was just, but the law itself of the universe itself was twisted and unfair.
       However, after multiple years with Flowey had passed, a human fell into the underground and began their run, dying multiple times just trying to make it through the ruins alone. Papyrus, When finally confronted with the human, took them down again and again, knowing each time that they would reset and prepared to fight until the human gave up and allowed their Soul to be collected. The player of that world, however, quickly became annoyed with the difficulty they were having with Papyrus, and decided to delete him instead of fighting him endlessly. His code was completely removed from the timeline, leaving him ripped from his previous existence, and unable to perform his duties as a Captain. He was living under no laws, and was left with nothing.

In-Citadel:  Once he had found the Citadel, Things improved only slightly. He had no money, and despite being a Papyrus, was seen as undesirable due to his attitude towards others, especially other Sans. After living so long in an unfair timeline, and then existing completely outside any law at all, he had ended up closing himself off from others, and preferring to push those who tried to get close to him away. His hate of his brother has yet to fade, and it extended to all the sans around him, Fell or not. They're all untrustworthy in his eyes.
       Even though he would have followed the law vigorously, he could find no place in the Fell, Tale or Swap districts where he could truly work or live. Eventually it became clear he would have to make his place in the sin district, a self-proclaimed warden over the lawless monsters that lived there.  He still has great respect for any Undynes and Asgores, but will be hesitant to trust other monsters until they've proven their worth to him.

*~You IRL~*

Surname: (Is it ok if I use a nickname? I'd prefer if you called me French Toast)
How did you found this Forum?  A tumblr user named RedKammy reblogged a post with a link to this forum, and I was interested. ((I am unable to post links at this time, unfortunately, but I have no problems presenting it. My account is simply too new for the time being.))
Suggestions? Perhaps you could have someone go over the rules and such you have in English, and try to fix up some of the grammar or word choices? While as a whole it was understandable enough, there were some points that didn't make much sense, or could have been more clear.
Any last word? Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this character, I hope they meet up to the standard you're looking for.
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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Re: Warden (UF Papyrus)   Mon 18 Sep - 21:15

Great introduction.

The Codes ( sorry, I'll correct that) are hidden in the rules. You have to search, sorry.
Once I'll see this codes, I'll valid your character!

I'd like to find someone to help me with my english so everything will be clearer, thanks for your consideration!

(Avatar made by me)


The Butcher   (HorrorTale was created by Sour-apple-Studio)
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PostSubject: Re: Warden (UF Papyrus)   

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Warden (UF Papyrus)
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