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 Warden's Save File

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PostSubject: Warden's Save File   Warden's Save File EmptyMon 18 Sep - 22:11

My information:
Don't forget to check my character's information post for all the good details!

(Links are colored Golden!)

Name: Papyrus Aster

Nicknames: The Warden, Warden

My Friends : None?

My Enemies : That creepy piece of shit that keeps sleeping under the picnic table in the park

Objectives/Personal Quest: To bring Justice to a lawless area, and live for a purpose. Something that's happening in secret...

Weapon: Magic Whip, Bone Attacks, Blue Magic (of the telekinetic kind as well as the don't move kind)

Favorite piece of clothing: Red Scarf

My RPs:

Finished : Who's this Hobo

Ongoing : I have potential, Lost Justice

Out Of Character, But Important.

I am fine with: Pre-established relationships are OK, I have a bit of a love for violence or otherwise angsty things, however I'll always respect your preferences, so if you aren't into it, there's no need to worry. It's very hard to offend me, especially since I know that the opinions of your character may not reflect the opinions of you personally. This is fiction after all.

I am NOT fine with: Smut. I am personally not interested, and if we're being honest here, good luck trying to get anywhere like that with Warden without getting impaled or thrown. He's a pretty brutal kind of guy.
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Warden's Save File
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