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 Honey (US Papyrus)

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Honey (US Papyrus)   Tue 19 Sep - 6:49

*~Your Character~*

Last Name: the Skeleton (It’s totally a last name)
Name: Honey (Originally Papyrus)
Age: 20

Origin Universe: Underswap [Queen Alphys neutral ending]
Soul Trait (even if monsters have white souls, they can still have one) :
Bravery (If we’re allowed to talk about variation, although Honey’s soul trait should be bravery, he considers himself a coward and as such his soul colour is an especially weak/pale shade of orange).
Attack pattern: Bones (White, Light Blue), Blue attacks, Gaster Blasters.

Honey was Toriel’s Judge in Underswap before the human came through. He’s able to read the hidden stats of humans and monsters, such as their LOVE and EXP, and when he can force himself to focus he’s excellent at reading the secret tells and hidden emotions of others. Honey can be inexplicably charming, especially when he’s buzzed on something to help him deal with his confidence issues. He can smooth-talk and flatter, and with his ability to read people he can figure out how they want him to act and play a role...at least until he gets tired.

Honey is desperately insecure, although he tries to cover it behind a laid-back and affable persona. He wants to be validated by others, which makes him often gullible and even vulnerable to overtures of friendship. Originating from a Swap Universe, he tends towards depression which stems from his feelings of inadequacy compared to his magnificent brother. Being driven by self-interest and with poor empathy for others, he can also be inadvertently callous and exploitative to get what he wants. He also has an addictive personality; cigarettes and honey (the condiment) are his main vices, but with very little encouragement he could be drawn into darker addictions.

Appearance: Honey looks like a typical Underswap Papyrus. He has no outward distinguishing features or scars, and tends to blend in with a crowd. A closer examination would only reveal that he’s especially unkempt for a Papyrus: his clothes are often unwashed, his hoodie has a couple of cigarette burns and tears that haven’t been patched, and overall he looks especially haggard and tired most of the time.
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Lost Soul

Messages : 41
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-18
Age : 33

PostSubject: Re: Honey (US Papyrus)   Tue 19 Sep - 6:51

Story: (10 lines minimum)

Pre-Citadel: In his original dimension, Papyrus was the younger brother to the energetic and ambitious Sans. Though both of them had lived in Snowdin for some time, Papyrus was an awkward and lonely outcast,unable to easily make friends and somewhat isolated from others due to his position as Queen Toriel’s Judge.

The role of Judge is one appointed by a form of convoluted magical destiny; Papyrus never had a choice in the matter, and his once sweet-minded and idealistic temperament was poorly suited to condemning others for their sins. Papyrus became closed-off and unhappy, sinking into depression. Only Sans stuck by him, trying valiantly to encourage Papyrus with his own cheerful attitude and optimistic aspirations. When a sentry position opened in Snowdin forest, Sans even gave up the opportunity to take the job himself (which would have been an ideal stepping stone to getting into the Royal Guard; Sans’s long held dream) and pushed Papyrus to apply instead, hoping that the steady routine and potential excitement would revitalise Papyrus.

Papyrus had always been excited about the possibility of meeting a human, and when he finally found one whilst out at his sentry station, he thought his dreams had come true. He could sense amazing potential in them, and believed they would be the one to set monsters free. He was so eager to befriend them, he missed the warning signs -- the dust on their clothes, the absence of the man behind the door in Snowdin forest (the exiled King Asgore). Sans, being older and wiser, realised the human’s real intent and confronted them on their way out of Snowdin. He was cut down by the human, and Papyrus was devastated by the knowledge that his ‘new friend’ had murdered his brother.

When he finally met the human in the Judgement Hall, Papyrus judged them bitterly, full of guilt and resentment, but his duty was only to assess them, not to inflict their punishment. He was forced to let them pass to face Queen Toriel, who was also murdered so the child could take her soul and pass through the barrier. When the human left, the only other monster of significance left behind was Alphys, Captain of the Royal Guard, who the human had escaped from rather than fighting. Alphys assumed the throne as the new Empress of the Underground, and adopted a vengeful, uncompromising rule, promising to kill any further humans who might fall into the underground.

As much as he wanted to agree with her principles, Papyrus wasn’t aggressive or murderous at heart, and he felt alienated by Alphys’s regime and more alone than ever without his brother. His desperate isolation lead him to investigate old records on theories to take down the barrier, resolving to break monsters free to make up for his failures (or die trying, and join his brother in death). His reckless attempts led to him being torn from his timeline, falling into displaced space and eventually ending up in the citadel.

In-Citadel: Though his initial reaction to the Citadel was one of wonder and excitement, the hard realities of Honey’s position were quickly made clear to him. He’d left his timeline with little in the way of possessions, and no real transferrable skills. The Citadel doesn’t need a judge -- there are plenty of Sanses to fill that role -- and with no support network, money or ability to find a job, Honey quickly ended up homeless in the sin district.

The only trait he could capitalise on was that, as a Papyrus, many of the brotherless Sanses of the citadel were eager for his companionship. They wanted a brother to spoil and protect, and Honey needed shelter and affection: it seemed like a perfect solution! Unfortunately, as an Underswap Papyrus, Honey doesn’t fit the standard archetype for most Papyruses, and frequently his relationships with his new ‘Sans’ would turn sour and difficult. He’s found the best way to stay afloat is to remain transient -- taking advantage of Sanses whose natural inclination is to be nice to him, exploiting them for what he needs, and then quickly moving on before they realise what a terrible ‘Papyrus’ he is.

Low on hope and motivation, Honey doesn’t have any long-term goals besides his own survival and comfort. As much as he desperately wants the validation and appreciation of others, he’s also hesitant to get close to people again after how badly he misjudged the human in his universe. He substitutes his lack of real connections with the fast, intense bonds he can forge with lonely Sanses, but forces himself to leave them before settling into a permanent arrangement as it feels like a betrayal to his original brother to be properly adopted by another Sans.

*~You IRL~*

Nickname: Askellie
How did you found this Forum? ;D Linked by the forum maker.
Rules Cod (two) : Valid
Suggestions? I’m not sure the last name/first name format is ideal for this RP since canonically only the Dreemur family has last names. Usually Monsters go by a first name only, so it might be better to change this?
Any last word? Only that this forum looks amazing. ;D You did such a good job!
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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Re: Honey (US Papyrus)   Tue 19 Sep - 15:22

Accepted! It's a great Introduction! You can now begin to play!

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PostSubject: Re: Honey (US Papyrus)   

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Honey (US Papyrus)
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