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 Story of the Arena

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Story of the Arena Empty
PostSubject: Story of the Arena   Story of the Arena EmptyTue 19 Sep - 17:03

In the beginning of the Citadel, when the Sin District wasn't even an idea, the Fell District was the most disreputable of the three.
The cohabitation between Fell monsters and strange concept monsters (paradoxically, the Fells are the most tolerant over strange Universes) lead to countless murders and violent crimes.
Some monsters needed the violence, needed the thrill of the fight. Most of them came from violent universes and the peaceful rules were driving them crazy.

A Horror Sans named The Butcher, after almost dusting another Sanses in a fight, wanted a place where he could fight without risking his own life, or being judged in the Judgment Hall.
He talked about his idea to a small group of his friends, and a little club of Sanses (mostly Fells) organised fights in secret places. There were only two rules: Never Dust, and Never Tell.
Of course, rumors spread quickly, and more Sanses wanted to participate, or to assist with the fights.
This continued until it came to the ears of Fellphys, an Alphys who worked as the head of the engineering division of the Font Industry. She knew the company could make money out of this idea, and talked about it to The Boss.

The next morning, a beautiful Limo pulled up just outside The Butcher's shop. The Boss and him discussed security, ideas, concepts, and money. The next day, a construction site opened. Sixty six cycles later, the Arena was born.

A big complex with one of the best security system in the whole Citadel. The place is the size of a Football Stadium. There is an alley with shops, and tons of food places, as well as five little private arenas where monsters can make a reservation if they need to fight.

Along with the five private arenas, there’s the Main Arena, or Arena 6. It is the core of the building, where Official or important fights are organised. It's a flat oval space surrounded by bleachers, with a white floor so the spectators can have a better view of the spilled blood (or marrow). The ceiling is painted to represent the night sky, as imagined by those who have never seen the surface.

A brand new technology was created just for these fights: the Collars. As long as they're in the Arena, the monsters wearing the Collar can't be killed. Their HP can't go past 0,000001.
Only ten Collars exist for now.

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The Butcher   (HorrorTale was created by Sour-apple-Studio)
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Story of the Arena
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