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 Papyrus - The Wandering Handyman

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PostSubject: Papyrus - The Wandering Handyman   Papyrus - The Wandering Handyman EmptyTue 19 Sep - 23:14

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Papyrus (the Skeleton)
Nickname: The Wandering Handyman (This is how other monsters refer to him in passing; he responds to about anything.)
Age: Mental maturity of someone in their thirties.

Universe of Origin: Swapfell Version 287f
Soul Trait: Bravery (faded)

Attack pattern:
Whereas taleverse brothers attack primarily using blue attacks, this version of Papyrus enjoys nothing more than keeping his enemies moving in order to drive them to exhaustion. Orange attacks interspersed with lethally sharp bones are his specialty.


+Has learned to work hard when he needs to
+Quick thinking and adaptable to a variety of situations
+Has a good sense of humor, even if it can be a bit dark
+An enjoyable companion; he can carry a conversation fairly well
+Generally calm demeanor

-Unable to let go of the past; can hold grudges for a startlingly long time
-Has very little hope left
-Can become incredibly clingy to certain individuals
-Will fly into a complete, unadulterated rage if anyone so much as brushes against his collar or bindle


  • Needs to chew on something constantly, whether it be a sprig of grain, sucker, or even his fingers
  • Often fiddles with a conjured bone to stave off his anxiousness

Appearance: (Drawn and colored very quickly; I'll likely update this down the road)

Papyrus - The Wandering Handyman J77iWTH

For those who can’t see the picture, Papyrus
-Wears a fluffy black jacket, orange sweater and grey pants
-Has a golden canine tooth and a crack extending from the tooth to the back of his skull
-Carries a flask of barbeque sauce on his belt
-Carries a large leather backpack with a bedroll attached
-Has a mailman’s bag slung over his left shoulder
-Stitched several patches over the holes in his coat and pants
-Wears a red collar, a gift from his Sans
-Carries a bindle crafted from Sans’s red bandana. He keeps his most treasured items in this sack


This Papyrus comes from a version of Swapfell in which a fallen human killed his Sans. He hadn’t expected it. In fact, this specific fallen human was able to sneak past Papyrus while he was asleep at his station. After drinking himself into a stupor with alcohol-laced barbeque sauce at Muffet’s, he was completely out. When he came to that evening and headed home, Sans was nowhere to be found.
The fallen human had gotten to him first.
Or more accurately, Sand had gotten to the fallen child.
He cornered them just outside of Snowdin, foiling their attempts to get by without confrontation. Papyrus discovered the duo a moment too late, right before the child’s frantic panic channeled enough intent into their knife to dust Sans in a single blow.
Papyrus sent a bone straight through their soul.

In the months after the child’s demise, Papyrus lost himself in his work, putting every waking minute into trying to build a time machine in the basement of [s]Sans’s[/s] his house. He would bring Sans back or die trying.
During this time, he swore off alcohol and cigarettes, blaming his vices for his brother’s death that day. He re-immersed himself in engineering. He opened his house’s door for no one and lived entirely off of the rations in his pantry. Using a wrench didn’t take much magic, after all.

When he finally finished the machine and tested it out, he came to a perplexing conclusion: the machine that had been presented to him as a time machine was something entirely different. The machine could take him to another universe.

A universe where Sans was alive.

Vying to be anywhere but his shit hole of a broken universe, he input the single set of coordinates written on his blueprints and stepped inside.


Nowadays, Papyrus lives on the streets of the citadel, working as a set of hands for hire in whatever district he happens to inhabit on a given day. He doesn’t feel comfortable in the sugary tale or swap districts, but also can’t handle living full-time the fell district. Seeing powerful, high LOVE versions of himself who were able to protect their Sanses can get to him if he spends too much time around them.
Thus, he carries his tools in a backpack and a few items of importance to him in a bindle wrapped in his Sans’s bandana, and never settles down in one place for too long. He’ll happily carry a load or fix a leaky faucet for any resident of a district that will provide a few days of food for him and a roof for him to sleep under. If he can’t find work, he’ll sleep under a tarp in an alley or beneath a picnic table in a park. Some consider him a nuisance, some enjoy his company and will buy him a bottle of (non-alcoholic) barbeque sauce as a bribe to keep him around.

Papyrus, wandering handyman extraordinaire, tries to live day to day. He tries to keep up an atmosphere of joviality despite the hollow hole in his heart.

*~About You~*

Nickname: Seriously, just call me Hawk, haha
How did you found this forum? Tumblr, how else?
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): Done
Suggestions? Everything looks pretty good. I’d change a few things here and there to keep the titles more similar to standard English, but that’s relatively minor.
Anything else? Yes. No. Maybe? No.
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PostSubject: Re: Papyrus - The Wandering Handyman   Papyrus - The Wandering Handyman EmptyTue 19 Sep - 23:28

Accepted! Welcome!

(Avatar made by me)


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Papyrus - The Wandering Handyman
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