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 Wandering Handyman's Save File (SF Papyrus)

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Wandering Handyman's Save File (SF Papyrus)   Wed 20 Sep - 0:07

My information:
Click HERE to go to my introduction post.
It has a lot more character information!

Nickname: Called the "wandering handyman" in passing, but responds to many different names including but not limited to:

-The hobo
-Hey, you over there
-Barbecue sauce
-Alcohol-free drinking buddy
-That creepy piece of shit that keeps sleeping under the picnic table in the park

Original Timeline: Swapfell 287f

My Friends: (names are clickable and lead to introductory posts)

My Enemies Minor Irritations: (names are clickable and lead to introductory posts)

Objectives/Personal Quest:

Weapon: If he somehow loses access to his magic, he can still beat you to a pulp with his bindle.

Favorite item of clothing: His fluffy coat

My RPs:

Finished :

Ongoing :

Out of Character :

I agree to: Violence? And, uhh, Paps here has sworn off alcohol entirely after the death of his Sans, but he'll still sit down at a bar with you and drink some alcohol-free lemonade or somethin'.

I reject: You're gonna have to wait approximately two days to play if this hobo looks like an attractive piece of ass. I'm seventeen for another 30 hours, y'all.
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Wandering Handyman's Save File (SF Papyrus)
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