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 Honey's Save File

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Honey's Save File Empty
PostSubject: Honey's Save File   Honey's Save File EmptyWed 20 Sep - 2:32

My informations :

   Nickname: Honey

   Original Timeline: Underswap [Empress Alphys Neutral Ending]

   My Friends : Rust (maybe), G (owe him a favour), Warden (Honey is starstruck)

   My Enemies : Chip (NPC, one of Honey's ex-bros)

   Objectives/Personal Quest : Honey's a hedonist with no great aspirations.

   Weapon: Bone attacks and magic.

   Favorite article of clothing: Orange Hoodie! (it needs a wash)

My RPs :

   Finished :

   Ongoing :
Open Thread for Honey [Meeting Warden]
Sneaking In [Meeting Rust]
I walk these empty streets [Meeting GSkeleton]
Out of Character :

   I agree to: I am open to pretty much anything, but I definitely want to talk about it first. Please PM me with ideas! Also check out my permissions post!

   I reject: (your limits in RP) I have very few hard limits, not even the gross squicky stuff, but again, communication is everything. Let's talk it out before launching into anything too extreme.
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Honey's Save File
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