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 Cherry (UF Sans)

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PostSubject: Cherry (UF Sans)   Cherry (UF Sans) EmptyWed 20 Sep - 18:01

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Sans Serif
Nickname: Cherry
Age: With the reset, probably 100-130, without, just 20
District: Sin District

Universe of Origin: Underfell
Soul Trait (despite having white souls, monsters can still have a trait) : Patience

Attack pattern: Cherry never fight, but he can teleport, like probably all the Sanses. He just doesn't have enough magic for more than 2 or 3 shortcuts in a row. He can probably use Gaster Blaster and bones, but his lack of energy is a real problem : he'll faint just after a few turns.

Personality: Cherry always was too kind and patient for his world. Putting his trust in everyone, he has been disappointed so many times that he didn't count anymore. But he'd never stop trying, giving a second, a third chance.
This is even more apparent when one looks at his relationship with his brother. Beaten, humiliated, enslaved... he never gave up hope that his Papyrus changed, waiting for better days.
His patience and listening led him to become a spy on behalf of his Boss. No one could suspect a gentle weakness like him.
But Cherry was also an anxious. So much that he was barely sleeping, until he became able to fall asleep no matter where or in any situation when he was too exhausted.
This bad habit led to others: he was unable of taking care of himself, becoming lazy and detached from what surrounded him.
By constantly receiving orders, he became dependent on his brother, incapable of making decisions without him, waiting, like always.

Appearance: Cherry looks like most Sans. He is, however, slightly smaller and less thick than many of his fellows because of malnutrition and ill-treatment.
In place of the golden tooth that the other Sans d'Underfell have, he has only one hole, which is the end of a scar barring his left eye socket and went up on his skull. The right side of it is also slightly cracked on the top.
Cherry wears large and black clothes to hide the rest of his condition: his bones lacking calcium, traces of injuries poorly treated, remains of experimentation...
As a dress, he wears a short-sleeved t-shirt, the coat he kept from his universe and a baggy black trousers too big for him that he found in the garbage and cut at the legs for don't walking on it.

Backstory: As far back as he can remember, Cherry has always lived with his brother. Unlike many Sans, he was the youngest and always admired his elder. Initially, Papyrus did everything to train and make him stronger, Cherry's patience allowing him to stay focused during the lessons. But in spite of all this good will, it was soon apparent that the little skeleton had absolutely no effectiveness in combat.
Cherry was soon relegated to the rank of a burden. Papyrus had always to take care of him, to make sure that he remained alive, to protect him... He quickly lost patience.
The little skeleton didn’t try to rebel when his elder imposed the collar. He did nothing when he had to address to him by the nickname of Boss. And when the first kick fell, Cherry let him do it, imagining that things would change by themselves, if he remained patient and docile. But of course, this attitude enervated Papyrus more and more and he became more and more demanding and hard.
When finally the resets began, Cherry didn’t know at first. Until the royal scientist pays his brother for use him in experiments. He was injected with determination. He was injected with corrupt magic. He was destroyed and killed many times. But the resets continued. And even though he now remembered what was happening to him, he remained patient, persuaded that one day everything would be better.
Indeed, one day the experiments ceased: Papyrus had become head of the Royal Guard and had taken him by his side. But Cherry was no more than a slave in his eyes, just good at bringing in more money. During several timelines, he was sold to other monsters, then starting to detach himself from reality to endure all this. And his soul was still full of hope that one day everything would be better.
The person who changed his routine was Frisk. There was only one neutral run, but it allowed Papyrus to take power, becoming king in the place of Asgore. Relegated to the rank of pet, Cherry felt his soul crack. Then there was a revolt and he was killed.
But his determination and the absence of reset him eject him from his universe, and he found himself in this world filled with other Sans and other Papyrus.
Terrified at the thought of still suffering from the violence of his brother, or someone like him, the little skeleton took refuge in the Sin District, fleeing all contact with any Papyrus. Without a home, no relationship and no beauty to exploit in a brothel, Cherry is now lost in this city, with only a trash for home.

*~About You~*

Nickname: Kus
How did you found this forum? By Askellie post on tumblr
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): Gaster is Okay with that
Suggestions? Not really, good job guys =D
Anything else? I'm french and I may need help in english :/
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PostSubject: Re: Cherry (UF Sans)   Cherry (UF Sans) EmptyWed 20 Sep - 23:10

Nous avons vraiment beaucoup de clodos ici XD

Tu es accepté, cependant, méfie toi car si quelqu'un découvre ta détermination, il risque de t'arriver des bricoles...


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Cherry (UF Sans)
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