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 G!Sans character application

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PostSubject: G!Sans character application   G!Sans character application EmptyWed 20 Sep - 18:53

Full Name: G Skeleton
Nickname: G
Age: Impossible to determine
Universe of Origin: Classic Undertale, before it got corrupted/glitched
Soul Trait: Integrity
District: The Sin District

Appearance: He has a slim build, and his height is halfway between the heights of an average Sans and an average Papyrus. He has holes in his palms and cracks running from his sockets, the right one upwards and the left one downwards. His left socket is always lit up yellow, despite his soul trait being Integrity. He has good posture, but with his movements and mannerisms he leaves a relaxed impression. He wears a black leather jacket with a fur trim with the sleeves pushed up, a plain white shirt, black skinny jeans and yellow canvas sneakers with the laces tied up in a knot that can no longer be untied.

Attack pattern: Can use blue magic and bone attacks (white and cyan), and on good days Gaster Blasters. Most days he can only throw 2 or 3 attacks before running low on magic. He mostly relies on hand-to-hand combat, running and smooth-talking to survive.

Personality: G is a difficult person to truly understand. He abides by his own set of values, be they good or evil by other’s standards. He will show mercy to some on a whim, usually if they’re a Papyrus or in some way in need, while feeling no guilt for leaving others to drown. He is primarily concerned with himself, and doesn’t easily help others apart from when he thinks it will help him in the long run.
G is observant and quick-thinking, able to figure out the way people will react to new situations with ease and is good at predicting the way a situation will develop. He can easily get people to like him or at least owe him with his charm and wit, giving him connections that protect him in the face of his own lack of strength. He’s easy-going and rarely holds grudges, and is willing to put aside his dislike for a person to get something from them. He is very intelligent and can easily pick things up, but his book smarts are lacking unless some old memories come to him. He tends to get on well with most people, and is very flirty unless someone asks him to stop.
G is a very passive person. He rarely goes out of his way or risks his own wellbeing for others, even if he regrets not helping them. His apathy from the loss of his Universe and subsequent guilt make him callous and self-centered. Being a fusion of a Gaster and Sans, sometimes one of them will assume complete control of his body which causes him distress, since he wants to think of himself as a separate person from the two. A badly-timed “possession” can leave him incapacitated with a panic attack and makes him question his identity. He has very jumbled memories from his time being Sans and Gaster and can’t use most of the knowledge they had. At times he briefly and randomly regains their memories, but they disorient and upset him. He has what is basically monster ADHD, making him disorganized and forgetful when doing anything that’s not his job and frustrating him.

Backstory: Normally, when a Gaster does their fateful experiment, they get shattered through time and space. This has to happen to preserve the integrity of the universe, otherwise the creation would rip apart the fabric of time and space. However, in G’s universe, instead of Gaster shattering and disappearing, he got fused with Sans-and the power of 2 fused souls, filled with Determination, was enough to keep them in one piece. This caused the holes made by the experiment in their universe to never be patched up while also ejecting G into the Void. There he watched his own universe try to keep running, constantly glitching around the places the two missing monsters were supposed to occupy. Finally, a fatal glitch happened and the universe crashed, leaving G as the only survivor. With most of his magic being used up just to keep his two fused souls functioning, he was left with very little magic to spare, rendering him helpless. While he started out with his Sans and Gaster sides intact and cooperating to move his body, as time went on they faded out and lost big chunks of their memories, leaving a single confused mind behind. He gave himself a new name (G) and decided to survive as best as he could.
After years of wandering the Void, he found his way to the Citadel. There he quickly started making connections, buying and selling anything he could get his hands on in the black market, from cigarettes and valuable trinkets to information. Half the citadel owes him or buys from him, and it means he gets left outside most conflicts despite his law-breaking and nosiness. You can find him by following the sounds of human music, which he collects, or the various monsters attempting to buy cigarettes or sell valuables to him. He is, after all, always open to making a good deal.

*~About You~*

Nickname: Captain
How did you found this forum? Askellie’s blog on Tumblr
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): Good
Suggestions? I had to ask someone that already made a profile to tell me how to get the codes. I had no idea how to find them
Anything else? Can I get into the 18+ forums?
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G!Sans character application Empty
PostSubject: Re: G!Sans character application   G!Sans character application EmptyWed 20 Sep - 19:25

For the suggestion, well... at least you honest with it. You have to be extra careful while reading the rules to find them. That's the point.

Quote :
Can I get into the 18+ forums?
Prove me you are over 18, in MP or any other way and I'll give you the permissions.

Don't forget in your signature the link to the original G!Sans AU.

You're accepted, Welcome!

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G!Sans character application
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