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 Cherry's Save File

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Lost Soul

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Date d'inscription : 2017-09-20
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PostSubject: Cherry's Save File   Wed 20 Sep - 23:28

My informations :

Nickname : Cherry

Original Timeline : Underfell

My Friends : Butcher. Has a dept to Jäger.

My Ennemies : None

Objectives/Personal Quest : Find a home and stay out of any Papyrus' way.

Weapon : He hide a little knife on his jacket.

Favorite article of clothing : His collar

My RPs :

Finished : Getting out of the shelter, Scavenging for food

Ongoing : Trying to fit in...

Out of Character :

I agree to : Pretty much everything, but I really like fluff and smut.

I reject : Ahah... try to find it Cool
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Cherry's Save File
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