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My Characters

Hi there! my name is tenuit, and I'm going to use this as a little hub to post all my characters and link back here. All these rules apply to all of my characters unless noted. I'll update as needed.

Are you okay with Aggression/Violence Roleplay?
Yes! Just clear it with me before seriously injuring or killing one of my characters.

Are you over 18? (prove it)
Yes (already proven to mod).

Are you okay or willing to do sexual Roleplay?
Yes, both ecto and soul (obviously you have to be 18+ for me to rp this with you).

What type of relationship your character is open to?
Both Black and Red are poly, but it's not an open relationship. They would both have to feel something for someone before it went anywhere. Puff and Noodle are possibly open to casual sex under the right circumstances, but given their personalities, it's unlikely they're going to have any meaningful relationships with anyone.

Any boundaries?
No incest portrayed in a positive light or sexual content with underage characters. Keep in mind that I consider any Papyrus/Sans pairing incestuous, regardless of them being from the same universe, or any other other headcanoned relationship. I know they're brothers.

Everything else is fair game, as long as it's realistic.

Any worries?
If you are unsure about something or don't like where I'm taking an RP, definitely contact me! I'd much rather everyone be comfortable.

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