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 Chronology of the Citadel

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Chronology of the Citadel Empty
PostSubject: Chronology of the Citadel   Chronology of the Citadel EmptyMon 9 Jan - 19:32

XXXX  First Sans appeared and created the first shard of reality in the emptiness.
XXX2  SansTown is founded by a group of lost Sanses from different timelines and AUs
XXX3  First Papyrus appeared. The first Sans claimed him as his brother.
XXX4  Assassination of the First Sans. Creation of a council.
XXX6  Other monster began to appear. The council is dissolved. The First Papyrus is chosen to lead.
XX25  A city is build SansTown is deserted.
XX42  The city is divided in three different districts.
XX56  The first Papyrus is dusted by a Papless Sans. First public execution of a Sans.
XX57  First Election. Sans 0142 is elected and assassinated a month later. Riots begin.
XX58  Second election. Queen Toriel is elected. Creation of the council of the Lost Rulers.
XX62  Queen Toriel gave her seat as the Council head to a Papyrus. The Riots stops.
XX78  Creation of the SinDistrict. SansTown is reattached to it.
X100  We are here.
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Chronology of the Citadel
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