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 Rust's Save File

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Lost Soul

Messages : 29
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-19
Age : 29
Localisation : Discord: tenuit#9997

Rust's Save File Empty
PostSubject: Rust's Save File   Rust's Save File EmptyThu 21 Sep - 1:05


Full Name: Comic Sans the Skeleton

Nickname: Rust

Age: 28

Height: 4'6" (137 cm)

Original Universe: Underfell

Soul Trait: Perseverance

Friends: Black (Boyfriend)

Enemies: Cream Puff, Noodle

Objectives/Personal Quest:

Weapons: Blue magic, bone magic, blasters, teleportation, and a switchblade.

Other Skills: Magitech

Favorite article of clothing: His jacket.

My RPs

Finished: Lost Justice

Ongoing: Sneaking In

Drabbles: Flashback: The Basement, Flashback: Aftermath

Out of Character

Hi there! My name is tenuit. and I run this character. Please see my Permissions page for more information about my playstyle and characters.

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Lost Soul

Messages : 29
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-19
Age : 29
Localisation : Discord: tenuit#9997

Rust's Save File Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rust's Save File   Rust's Save File EmptySat 23 Sep - 11:54

Combat Strategy

Rust used to have a lot of magic at his disposal, but can no longer engage in long, drawn-out combat. He will try to get anything over very quickly, so he uses his most powerful attacks first, and tends to wear himself out quickly. He has blasters, blue magic, bone attacks, and teleportation. He’s quick on his feet, thinking and moving very quickly, which is lucky considering he has no longevity in a fight.

He's good at dodging, but his damage output leaves a lot to be desired. If he sees he’s losing and there’s no quick victory in sight, he will start to panic and lose focus in the fight, probably fleeing or at least relocating to higher ground. Blasters drain his energy faster than his other magic. If it’s at the point where he’s in a life of death fight, he’s probably not going to show any mercy.


Rust is an anxious, stressed skeleton with a penchant for telling bad jokes and making embarrassing faux pas. He does his best to affect the cool and collected “Sans” persona, but he’s just not very good at it, getting caught up in talking quickly and animatedly waving his hands around as he talks. He occasionally has quiet spells where he refuses to talk, and his drinking habits dance on the edge of alcoholism.

He’s eager to impress, but is wary of strangers and their motives, cautious about putting himself into any dangerous situations. Despite this, he’s a friendly enough skeleton: he won’t take a drink from a stranger, but he’s certainly willing to drink with them. He gets along with most alts pretty well, save for especially sickly-sweet or friendly swap alts and any humans.


Rust is 4’9” (145 cm) and is almost always wearing his fur-lined jacket. He’s got a large, clean slice of bone missing from his right eye, and vision in that eye is impaired. His posture is hunched, and he sweats when nervous or uncomfortable. He walks with a barely detectable limp, and his right leg is a prosthetic that’s a mix of tech and magic. He has shorts and sneakers


Rust is from an underfell world, where he and his brother grew up together. With no memory of any parents or anything but their clothes to their name, it was hard to eke out an existence in their world. They never figured out who was the older brother, and there were constant disagreements about who should “be in charge” or who knew better. They still loved each other but it was a stressful environment to grow up in and hurt their relationship later on in their lives.

After struggling for years, they finally both made it into the guard- sort of. They landed sentry jobs, and Rust took that as his cue to relax. They had steady-paying jobs, and Rust had no desire to climb the ranks of the guard. He started to slack off. Miss days. Sleep on the job. It strained his relationship with his brother even more, and they got to a point where they were barely speaking to each other.

The day the human came into town, Sans was sleeping in. He didn’t even know they were there until hours later, after he came out of his house to go to work and found dust everywhere. He quickly panicked, not knowing what was going on. Everyone had evacuated already, and he had to piece together what happened on his own.

It didn’t take him long to find Papyrus’s scarf and “armor” in the snow. Distraught grief-stricken, he struggles to track down the human, having nothing to follow but the trail of dust they left behind them. He doesn’t manage to catch up with the human, though. They make it past the judgement hall, skipping his fight entirely. Rust slept in too long.

This crushed him. The guilt ate away at him. He could sleep whenever he wanted, now. Barely any monsters were left, and he was already used to a life of scavenging. He fell into a deep depression, doing very little and staying in his empty house. After doing nothing for a few weeks, he was struck with an idea: try to get the time machine in his basement working. He labored over it for days, but his work was sloppy and rushed. Instead of going back in time, he moved himself completely out of time, to the Citadel.

He arrived in the Citadel confused and disoriented. However, a pair of swap brothers came along to cheer him up. They showed him around and treated him to dinner in their home.

Unfortunately, their apparent friendliness and his despondent state made him to let his guard down. The dinner was drugged. The two swaps locked him up in their magic-proof basement and started siphoning the magic from his soul. Pure magic sells for a lot of gold. Even though he couldn't use his magic, Rust tried his best to escape multiple times. He failed each time, and they even cut off one of his legs to make escaping harder. He grew weaker and weaker as they drained away his life energy. Time blurred together, and he was pretty sure he was pretty sure he would die there.

Luckily, though, the swaps’ ostentatious home attracted a burglar: Black, another fell Sans. Instead of robbing the place, Black opted to get Rust the hell out of there. Black brought him back to his apartment and did his best to patch him up. Rust is hesitant at first to trust Black, considering the way he was introduced to the multiverse, but eventually warms up to the other skeleton. A lot. He’s still living in Black’s apartment.
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Rust's Save File
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