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 Pearl [Underswap Sans]

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PostSubject: Pearl [Underswap Sans]   Pearl [Underswap Sans] EmptyThu 21 Sep - 3:47

~Your Character~

Full Name: Sans Serif
Nickname: Pearl
Age: 27
Universe of Origin: Underswap
Soul Trait (despite having white souls, monsters can still have a trait) : Perseverance

Attack pattern: Pearl usually uses white and blue bones in defensive and bulky attacks, mostly aimed to injure and impair his opponents, never to make any lethal wounds.

Personality: Pearl is outwardly as cheerful and childish as you would expect a Swap Sans to be, helpful and kind most of the time, you can count on him to help you or call you out on your bs. Although, when he drops his guard, he shows that he is actually rather cold, impatient and selfish, deflecting any attempts to make him open up. Deep down he is depressed and misses his brother greatly, feeling envious of the Sanses that have brothers although he refuses to try and find a Papyrus for himself.
Appearance: He wears a royal blue bandana around his neck with matching worn down gloves that go up to his elbows and boots of the same color. He has a simple grey shirt with short sleeves and light blue pants, the visible part of his arms and skull have light scraps gained from training and under the gloves there are multiple scratched that he caused when he absently scratched his arms due to stress

Backstory: Pearl was the older of the two brothers, taking care of Papyrus as a kid in place of his father who was too absorbed by his work to do it. When his father disappeared, they moved to Snowdin where Muffet took them in. As a teenager he started taking small jobs to make money and get them a house, he met Alphys running an errand in Waterfall and the two of them became friends, sparring occasionally to blow some steam. At a young age Papyrus began to get interested in science and proved to be a prodigy, this caused Sans to take more jobs to get him a better education, elevating his stress but still managing to keep that upbeat nature for his brother, although the charade didn't last long. When Papyrus saw the scratches on his forearms that he had given himself, he abandoned his studies in favor of splitting the workload between him and his brother. Sans felt guilty for that and made his objective to be part of the guard as to not have to worry about money and so Paps would be able to continued studying. When the human arrived and started killing everyone, Papyrus brought his brother to the basement where he kept the machine from his father he had found a long time ago, when he had been interested in alternate universes, he was certain it would be enough for them both to escape but the instability of the portal it created cause to close it after Sans went through, leaving him stranded

He found himself in the Citadel, distraught at seeing so many alternates of people he knew, at the beginning he was lost and just wanted to go back home but he finally decided to carry on for his brother. He managed to get a job as an assistant and unofficial security guard at one of the shops in the Muffet´s Mall, having experience working with the one from his home. After saving he bought a house in the Swap District to live comfortably.

~About You~

Nickname: Kiche
How did you found this forum? Someone reblogged it on Tumblr
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): Like a September
Suggestions? Not really, just maybe have someone go over the announcements to check grammar and clear things up
Anything else? Thank you for taking the time to read this Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Pearl [Underswap Sans]   Pearl [Underswap Sans] EmptyThu 21 Sep - 3:56

Welcome! You're accepted!

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Pearl [Underswap Sans]
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