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 Noodle (US Papyrus)

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PostSubject: Noodle (US Papyrus)   Noodle (US Papyrus) EmptyThu 21 Sep - 9:58

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Papyrus Rockwell
Nickname: Noodle
Age: 23
District: The Swap District

Universe of Origin: Underswap
Soul Trait: I̍̏̈́̾n̪͖̣͕̪͆̿͛t̸̯̔̎ë̛̝̬̓͐ͣ̋ͥͨg̩̔r̰͖̥ͤ̇̍ȋ̬̫̞̱ͩ̀̎ť̹̱͙̥͢y̼̯̞͔͕̹

Attack pattern: While he prefers to have his brother do the fighting, Noodle is not a novice. He has access to blue magic, blasters, bone attacks, and teleportation. He relies mainly on his speed. Despite his size and apparent disinclination to move, he’s limber and quick. He rarely needs to move around, though, because he teleports a lot during battle. He doesn’t do a lot of damage, but he can wear his opponent down by dodging attacks and chipping away at their health. With his own low health, he doesn’t get close to his enemies, and prefers to fight at a decent range.

Nine times out of ten, though, he’s just providing supporting fire for his brother, and very rarely starts fights of his own accord.

Personality: Noodle is an apathetic skeleton, with a lot of bad habits. He smokes, drinks, does a variety of drugs, and consumes an obscene amount of honey, given its cost. He injects various things straight into his soul, including other monster’s magic when he can get ahold of it. His brother Puff doesn’t object to his habits as long as he keeps everything out of the public eye.

Noodle doesn’t talk much, but when he does, he tells a lot of puns. If he thinks he can get away with it, he’ll also disguise insults as jokes or compliments, but if anyone notices, his brother will “admonish” him sternly. He’ll smile and play along and then go right back to doing it with the next monster. He thinks his nickname is stupid, but not enough to get upset over. Noodle will go along with most things that Puff wants, having little initiative of his own.

Appearance: Noodle is 6’5” (196 cm) but looks shorter because he slouches most of the time. Noodle doesn’t have a very large wardrobe, and is almost always wearing a hoodie and jeans. He is constantly smoking, and his brother often “chides” him about it in public. His clothes are rumpled, but a keen observer will notice that they are all very high-quality and clean. His shoes alone cost more than rent for some monsters. His sockets are usually half-lidded and he has an easy-going smile.

Backstory: Noodle and his Sans had an easy enough time growing up. Noodle was a quiet kid, and didn’t have a lot of friends, but he always had his brother. They loved each other, and otherwise had an unremarkable childhood. When they moved out of their parent’s house, they decided to move to Snowdin together. Everything was fine, until the human fell into the underground.

Noodle’s brother had always been a kind soul. Giving everyone chance after chance. The human was no different. The first time Sans was killed by the human, Noodle was blinded by grief and rage. He challenged them in the judgement hall, and killed them. But it wasn’t over. The human reset.

Noodle was woken up the next day by his Sans, and he thought it was all just a horrible dream. But it happened again. Over and over, his brother was killed by the human, no matter what he tried. He cried, bargained, and begged Sans to fight back. To kill the human. But Sans had no memory of the resets. Every time, he would assure Noodle that he had it under control. That the human just needed some sympathy. And a friend.

Noodle fell into a deep depression as the cycle continued. He tried going with Sans sometimes, but any of Noodle’s attempts to attack the human were blocked by Sans. No matter what Noodle tried, his brother never listened, and always died. He started to go numb. None of it mattered. He began to resent his brother. He never fought back, he never even tried to defend himself. Noodle just watched helplessly as he died repeatedly.

Then things changed. After yet another one-sided slaughter by the human, Noodle found himself standing in the snow in front of his brother’s dust. Suddenly, his brother appeared in front of him. Alive, somehow, and in full guard armor. Immediately Sans started to attack him. Noodle, flabbergasted, defended himself, and they began to fight. This Sans was different. He wasn’t weak. He was fighting back. They fought to a standstill, and started to talk.

Noodle, jaded from the constant resets and resenting his brother’s refusal to fight back…decided that he had a new brother. A stronger one. One that wouldn’t die over and over, leaving him behind every time. Seeing this new Sans stirred something in his soul that he had long thought dead. It was something to live for. And so when the new Sans told him to pack up and leave his world behind, he just…did it. They tried to go back to the other Sans’s timeline, but they ended up in the Citadel instead. But Noodle didn’t mind. He had his new brother, who chose the name Cream Puff. They started a new life.

Sometimes, when he’s with Puff, it even feels like he’s himself again. Those moments are few and far between, but they’re worth it. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, buried under all the apathy, he knows that all the horrible things his new brother does are wrong. But he’s past the point of caring.

*~About You~*

Nickname: tenuit
How did you found this forum? Askellie’s post about it.
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Noodle (US Papyrus)
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