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 Warden's Current Abode

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PostSubject: Warden's Current Abode   Warden's Current Abode EmptyThu 21 Sep - 19:15

• Address: The basement of "Floodgate," an establishment owned by an interesting Tale Mettaton, nicknamed Bunny, who didn't have quite enough to make it anywhere else.

• Description of his Home: The basement is separated into two rooms, one that's blocked off from entrance in most directions, and has a magic field around it that prevents teleportation. The second room leads into the first one, as well as outside, and contains boxes with various materials and supplies inside them. There's a stove with space cleared around it on one wall, as well as a wall faucet, but it's unclear where Warden actually sleeps. Most of the boxes have been opened, although they are clearly organized and kept in very good condition. Only Bunny is allowed through the door into the first room.

• Is he living alone? -At the time, yes. If you don't include the upper part of the building of course.

•Anything else? -They have permission to stay there for as long as they work there. His job is to break up fights that happen inside, and keep people who have been banned from getting back in. Of course, there's the added bonus of him keeping anyone who's interested in keeping their life from going into the storehouse, since no one is particularly interested in trying to fight past the giant skeleton, or get found out after having stole something.

Hopefully, he'll be able to find a more suitable location to call their home. For now, this is what works.
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Warden's Current Abode
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