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 Jäger, the former assassin

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Jäger, the former assassin   Jäger, the former assassin EmptyThu 21 Sep - 19:22

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Undyne of Waterfall
Nickname: Jäger
Age: 28

Universe of Origin: Underfell
Soul Trait : Justice

Attack pattern: Blue and red spears going every way. Paralizing green attacks.

Personality: Contrary to her punk's appearence, Undyne is a very intelligent and loyal woman. She has never betrayed anyone and that would never occur her. She always leaves a chance, even to her opponents. Even in her own universe. And nevertheless her former post as first assassin of the tyrant Asgore would have been able to make an unscrupulous woman. She is sure of her and rarely questions her convictions. Always in search of justice, she will however know how to question herself when her vision of good and wrong finds itself shaken. She remains vulnerable, however, she would do everything for those who she loves. Absolutely everything. Behind her insurance also hides a more fragile part of her. He happens to have moments when she just let go of herself. Then she becomes again the frightened child transformed by years of brainwashing into the perfect killing machine.
But if she had enough proofs about a person wrongdoing, run. Or you'll found all her sadism in the name of Justice.

Appearance:Undyne is what we call a Deep One, the fish people. Even if a big part of her body have a humanoid shap, we cannot confuse her with a human being. Her body is covered with brilliant and soft blue scales. Instead of ear, the rest of the fins she had as birth protects simple holes leading to her hearing cannals. She has no nose, no need. Her gills are at the level of her size. Her mouth is full of sharp and yellow teeth which can be renewed like those of a shark. She has only one valid eye, the right. Her left eye can bustle only thanks to her magic when she needs it, and even there, it can only see magic tracks. It is also surrounded with scars of scratches that she imposed herself.
She has a cut scar on the right cheek. She possesses long silky hair which she often attaches in a high braid but always shave the sides of her skull.
Her body is very athletic, she always found a big satisfaction in her physical strength. You will always find her dressed in her black leather armor with the broken red soul embrodes on it, even when she is in service.
Her body is covered with numerous scars, the oldest and most numerous of which remain concentrated in her back.
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Lost Soul

Messages : 27
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-21
Age : 31

Jäger, the former assassin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jäger, the former assassin   Jäger, the former assassin EmptyThu 21 Sep - 20:05


It was him, the cause of all of it, everybody said it. He had created the Law which threatened them all. Even if her specie was naturally attacked each other already, she had suffered from solitude since his birth. Normally, only the youngs in their embryonic state would die in mass due to fishes and to other predators present in waters of the lake. But far from the Royal Guard, supposed to enforce the limitations, the Deep Ones attacked their youngs instead of the predators to gain faster LV. At least ,with the predators, there was always at least one or two survivors on around thirty soul created. But the adults were merciless. The parents never attack their eggs but the others never go without it. Her people risked to disappear for a stupid story of pride and loyalty to King. She had been lucky to escape the thirst of dust of the adults when she was that a small larva, and had taken refuge outside the lake as soon as her legs had stops growing. She was only three years old, she was quite small and lost. The Deep Ones almost never went out of the lake. She was alone. And she had seen her brothers and sisters be massacred one after the other in a more or less cruel way. An old tortoise found her very fast. She was starved after several days not daring to return to the water to find some fish. She was certain to have seen the scales of one of her kind sparkling not far, waiting that she returns to get points of execution easily. When the tortoise saw in which state she was, he took her to his home. He feeds her, dressed her with a striped shirt and explained her why the Undergroud was like this. The adults had really become crazy. Gerson told her about a peaceful time, not so long ago, when kindness was what monster soul was made of. Then he told her the madness of King and how the inhabitants of the Underground were obliged to kill each other. How all these wills to survive, this slaughter, had created some Determination to monsters, changing slowly their appearance and making them lose their sanity. This stories seem like a dream, to her who was only a child. Monsters had formerly a dominant color in their souls each, which was sawn through their eyes. But she had met until now only monsters with the blood red eyes: the color of the Determination. Gerson said it’s toxic. And the first time she looked in a mirror, she noticed that her eyes were as scarlet as her hair. She made then a decision. She wanted to change things. And if the one responsible was the King, then she would take care of the problem.


The night was very quiet. The artificial lights of the Underground emit a weak brilliance, creating a similar atmosphere of the nights of the surface. The silence reigned in New Home. The city seemed deserted of life. The air suffocating with dust and Determination seemed denser, something was coming. Asgore was persuaded. He waited for this moment since almost fifteen years. Lengthened on his bed, ears on the watch, he watched for the signs of an attack, faking sleep. After what seemed to be hours, he eventually hears steps felted in his room. It was not what he expected. A light presence soared by his side on the bed and he heard the ringing of metal. A murderer! Without waiting, hev brought out his big hand from the blankets and caught the arm holding the blade which threatened him. He did not want to die from the hand of a single soul! He expected a rebellion of the people, not the action of a solitary person! And if it was necessary to give other examples of its cruelty, he would make it. The murderer was particularly light. No heavier than Froggit. It was surprising because the smallest monsters had mainly run away after he created the Law.He wanted to see the face of his aggressor. In one second, he summoned his trident which shone of threatening blood red magic and pointed it towards his opponent. " No! " He stopped in some millimeter of the throat of his aggressor and looked at them, trying not to let appear his surprise. It was not a small monster, it was not even an adult. Between his claws struggled a girl, a Deep One child who had to be no more than seven or eight years old. She looked at him with hatred and tried to release herself from his grip by scratching the hand, no more intimidated than that by the point of the trident on her throat. He knew he insisted to spare childrens from the Law, so that they remain protected from his madness. And nevertheless her was there, uncertain, in front of a child which had come murder him. Which had manages to penetrate into his house under the nose of the guards. " How did you enter and who sends you, girl? " He grumbled between his teeth. He did not want to alert the guards for a child. She continued to fix him in the eyes, trying to be intimidating in despite the shivers shaking her little body. " Through the window. You are stupid to left it open. " She answered with provocation. " And who send you? Answers! What rebels would have sent a child to try to kill? Who? " He squeezed the arm of the girl with force, ready to break the bones. He had to keep appearances. " Myself. " The answer took him by surprise. She had to lie. It was impossible that a girl has the idea to come to murder him. " Liar! " He crashed his trident in the wall, sticking the throat of the child between the teeth of his weapon. The wall of a spotless white covered itself with profound cracks. The child lost her distrustful air, finally showing her fear. He was going to make her speak. It was only a question of time.


All her body made her suffer. She didn’t know her body could hurt so bad. She was only telling the truth. Her will to kill was hers, and no one else. She had told in detail her life and how she had prepared her murder for weeks before acting. She had told them at least ten times. They had eventually believed it. But at which price. She had begged them to finish her, but King had insisted on keeping her alive. She ignored why. She wanted just to die at this moment. The grating of the door made her shiver. She did not want to get more pain! She had told everything them! Everything! But in place of pain, she felt the heat of healing magic traveling her bruised body. Surprised she looked who had entered and was surprised seeing King tilted on her, his big claws hands glittering with a powerful green magic. She thought she saw regret in his eyes but they hardened when he saw her gaze on him. She said nothing, neither does he, the pain began to dissipate. She contracted her muscles, ready to defend herself if it was only a trap to hurt her again. After a long silence, she heard the deep voice of King address her. "Even by being more discreet you would not have been able to kill me, you know. You are not rather powerful enough to make me damage, especially with the knife which you had. " She answered nothing. He wanted to humble her. Nothing more. " A lot of power is needed to end a monster Boss like me, you know. The monsters of your sort can become extremely powerful if pushed in the right direction. You hate me with all your soul, I know it. But there is a big potential in you. You are only a child, after all. Normally I should leave you here until you are old enough to get out of your stripes to kill you and make you an example. " She was not able to refrain her shivering. Her eyes stared deeply in the King’s, supplicant. She did not want to spend the rest of her young life in a cell. " But I am persuaded that you can be useful for the kingdom. But for it, you’ll have to learn to be as loyalty as the rest of your people. Tomorrow, you will be rehoused to the palace, under surveillance. I’ll train you personally and shall teach you to overcome even the most powerful monsters . Even I. Any disloyalty, any fault from you will be severely sanctioned. " She looked at him with incomprehension. She did not have pain any more and suggested to teach her how to fight? After she had tried to kill him? She swore herself, in the depths of her, that she shall not hesitate one second. From the moment when she would be in capacity of doing it, she would kill old monster King.


For the first time since he had taken her under his wing, he was finally going to let her go by herself. After years of training, having taught her the rudiments of fight, he was going to test her loyalty. He did not show but he had become attached to this small ball of energy that was Undyne. She was a difficult child but he had, in time, learnt how to manage her without hurting her. He had let the rumors circulate saying that he kept a girl a prisoner and saying that he taught to her to kill for him. And he had finally heard rumors of a rebellion against him. If he continued in the right direction, the people would lift up themselves, he would be dethroned, doubtless killed. He would not have to carry the people's hopes and dreams on his shoulders anymore. And he would have what he deserves. He was anxious to let Undyne leave without escort. But whatever happens at the moment, he knew that he would see again her. And that he would be proud of her. He sent her kill a member of the rebellion to leave them a message. She would face a choice. End the mission and come back to him, showing her loyalty. Or listen to the rebels, join them, why not take their head and guide the people one day against him. In this case he would see again her when finally she would kill him. And he will be so proud of her. She had the material of a queen. Before she leave, dressed in a light armor and armed only with her magic, he gave her a last piece of advice. "Don’t die, it is an order. And come back."


Kneeling in front of her king, she felt full of pride. She had succeeds. She had the power to overcome any monster. Even him. But she would never hurt him. He had taken her away from the danger by raising her. He trained, educated and protected her since childhood. He gave her the key to survive in this kill or be killed world. She could never thank him enough. All her life turned around the monster King. She killed for him since her adolescence and now that she was an adult, she dedicated him an undying loyalty. She was ready for anything for him. The day before, during their last training, she finally touched Asgore for the first time, leaving an ugly scar on his eye. Never she had seen her mentor so proud. And now, on this day, she had decided to make a gesture to prove him her eternal loyalty. She did not see the face, keeping the head lowered. But she imagined him looking at her with all the imposing presence of an emperor. He was the monster which had raised her. She knew him well. " Fifteen years ago I tried to kill you. Nevertheless, rather than to avenge you and to condemn me, you gave me a life which I would never been able to dream. Forgive me, my King. Father... I hurt you. Let me be equal with you. " She took a big breath, she knew that she was going to be in pain. But the pain did not frighten her any more. She had known worse, she would survive. She raised her right hand to touch her own face and crashed her clawed fingers in her left eye. She hold with great difficulty a cry of pain before tearing away her eye and presenting it to the King. " An eye for an eye... I belong to you. And I promises to never let anyone get to you. I am your loyal assassin. "


She was rewared for all her service. A house, more money that she could with for and the parental love from her King. She soon became friend with the Captain of the Royal Guard, a certain Papyrus Sherif. A fierce and proud fighter. They respected each other. She just didn't liked his brother, a runt named Sans.
She fell in love with the royal scientist, Alphys. Even if she made imorrals experiments, she always had a good reasons and it was for the good of the others.
Her life was simple. She killed the ennemies of the crown, she trained and passed time with her friend... Then a human came in the Underground, a small child. Suprisingly, they befriend everyone. Even Papyrus. She tried to kill them for the king and all monster kind. But... They tricked her. Cornered her in Hotland. And Papyrus used her pride to push her to try to see what he had seen in the humain.
Soon after, thanks to Frisk, monsters were freed. Asgore ordrerd monster to never attack humans. But the life on the surface was difficult for monsters. Their LV drived some of them mad and things escalated until the humans tried to get rid of them.
Undyne just wanted her life to come back to what it was. Her status, her job, her friend and the dangerous but exalting life Underground. Then Frisk died protecting Toriel and... nothing... The world was static before vanishing. Afraid to die, she used all her will be stay whole and appeared in a dark street in the middle of the Citadel.


She addapted. The life in a city full of monsters who looked like that anoying comic was hard at the bigining but she found her place. What seem yars after her arrival, she's now an Inspector in the Guard and lives in Fell District near the Boss Tower.

*~About You~*

Nickname: AerisHikari
How did you found this forum? I created it!
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Jäger, the former assassin
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