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 M-E1 - GasterBlaster! Sans

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Lost Soul

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Date d'inscription : 2017-09-21
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PostSubject: M-E1 - GasterBlaster! Sans   Thu 21 Sep - 23:41

Full Name: Sans the...Skeleton?
Nickname: One
Age: He doesn't even remember what his old timeline was. He doesn't remember anything.

Universe of Origin: Gaster Blaster AU

Attack pattern:
Being as how his form is just a giant skeletal dog...wolf...Gaster Blaster thing, he's lost his ability to be able to direct bone attacks and use his blue attack like what so many other versions of him can do with ease. Instead, he's more of a physical attacker, using his soul's raw energy to power through defensive magic and dig his fangs in....or, fire the 'Blaster' from long distances.

Personality: No one really knows what One used to be like. All he is now is a Guard Dog, subservient, loyal, and extremely patient. Perhaps he'd be different...if he could ever become 'normal' again.

Appearance: He looks like a giant skeletal wolf with the skull consisting of a Gaster Blaster. Only one blue pupil glows fiercely from a single socket, whether or not he's being aggressive or not. A thick black, seemingly metallic color clings tightly to his cervical vertebrae. To a close eye...there are scratch marks all over it...
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Lost Soul

Messages : 2
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-21
Age : 19

PostSubject: Re: M-E1 - GasterBlaster! Sans   Thu 21 Sep - 23:41


One used to be a regular Undertale Sans, one of the most, if not the most common AU out there. Until a desperate idea to stop a Genocidal run had him breaking into the True Lab to find something that could help. An old experiment, some sort of chemical or serum...

What he found was a vial labeled Body Blaster. Thinking it was some sort of powerful weapon...he injected it to his soul. However, he had no clue what exactly it would do...as the world RESET before the full effects could have taken place, assumingly.

The human never appeared that next run, and Sans was losing control of his magic more and more often...to the point where his Papyrus even believed that something was seriously wrong with him. But if he was taken into New Home's hospital...he'd surely be kept there for good. None of them knew what he'd done...none of them would ever believe him. He ran through the True Lab in what seemed like deja vu for the exact opposite purpose. Perhaps if he could turn back time, stop himself from using something that was secured in the deepest corners of the lab for obvious reasons...

It was pain, as his bones elongated, as his vertebrae stretched and pulled apart...as his teeth and skull expanded...There was some sort of bright white light, and then darkness.

One was found in the dark alleyways of the Fell District, half formed like some kind of monster. Perhaps if he had been found by helpful Sanses or Papyruses or anyone he could've gotten help. But Fellby had other plans.

His friends with scientific minds were paid royally for his collar...but it was to simply, to control him. A magic suppressing shock collar, and as his mind grew distant, taken over by feral instinct, that collar was the only thing that kept him from ripping his captor's throats out.

To this day he's Fellby's right-hand dog. On busy nights he can be found wandering the private hallways...to make sure nothing suspicious was going on. Perhaps the threat of that thing coming after you was what kept The Slow Burn in such a relatively untouched condition in the Sin District.

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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Re: M-E1 - GasterBlaster! Sans   Thu 21 Sep - 23:52

Interesting, we'll what what it makes in RP^^


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PostSubject: Re: M-E1 - GasterBlaster! Sans   

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M-E1 - GasterBlaster! Sans
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