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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Help Wanted   Help Wanted EmptyFri 22 Sep - 2:21

You'd like to see a character from you Back story to be played by someone else?
A character that is too important to be a NPC and that you think would be fun to see in game?

You can propose them here for adoption!

Type of Monster:
Related to:
The player can take liberties about their story? Y/N
Can they MP you for more informations? Y/N

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The Butcher   (HorrorTale was created by Sour-apple-Studio)
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PostSubject: Re: Help Wanted   Help Wanted EmptySat 23 Sep - 22:56

Nickname: Up to the people choice, but something like Crown could fit if you don't have any idea.

Type of Monster: Papyrus - skeleton.

Related to: Cherry (big brother).

Concept: Cherry's brother was the King at the end of Frisk' run. After a rebellion, Cherry died and was expelled at the Citadel, so he didn't know if his brother survive or not. Cherry is afraid of him (and of any Papyrus because of him) and can't use many magic because of the collar his big bro gave to him. It could be really fun to have someone to play him, but you must know that I imagine this Papyrus really violent and maybe sadistic, so we can play hide-and-seek together. Cool

The player can take liberties about their story? Yes, absolutely.

Can they MP you for more informations? Yes, my inbox is open o/
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Help Wanted
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