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 Fresh, you know the one.

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Lost Soul

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Date d'inscription : 2017-09-22
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PostSubject: Fresh, you know the one.   Fri 22 Sep - 3:45

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Fresh!
Age: About 5 years. Of course, he is an Asexual Parasite, so age isn’t really a good measurement of maturity here.

Universe of Origin: ???
Soul Trait (despite having white souls, monsters can still have a trait): NONE

Attack pattern: Along with a more colorful variation of what his host has, he has access to smooth, magic tentacle attacks that can be used for climbing and semi-melee attacks.
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Lost Soul

Messages : 17
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-22
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Fresh, you know the one.   Fri 22 Sep - 3:46

Fresh is a fairly care-free guy, taking life as it hits him and staying continually positive, even in light of recent news (such as all those mysterious deaths. How terrible!). He’s friendly towards everyone he meets, even if those feelings aren’t reciprocated, and isn’t afraid to put himself out to be seen. Not only is he confident, but he’s willing to take on the hard or dirty jobs others are less inclined to do, just to save you the trouble! Isn’t that nice!

Of course, oftentimes he’s viewed as annoying by people around him, especially with the sometimes confusing lingo he tends to throw into every sentence and candor to most situations. Fresh, however, simply doesn’t care about what they think. In fact, he doesn’t care about any of the monsters around him. Everything he does is an act to seem more friendly, more innocent, even more weak, but often more perceptive people will be able to pick up on the facade, enough to put them on edge. There’s something about the way that he smiles, the way he talks, the way he’s always keeping an eye out for something. Others who don’t find him off usually think he’s trying too hard to get into business that isn’t his, asking questions while deflecting any that are sent his way instead of answering. Monsters who can read another’s LOVE are met with a ludicrously high number, and Monsters who can see another’s SOUL will find nothing where something should be.

Appearance: Generally you’ll see him dressed in near-blindingly bright attire, smiling towards anyone who happens to cross his path even if they don’t reciprocate the look. While what exactly he wears will differ from host to host, there are always notable features that do not change, no matter how much he wishes they would. One is that his eyes will always show the current host’s SOUL in one of the sockets, including any damage that has been done to it by fresh. The other is a pair of magic-fitting shades that conceal his tell-tale eyes, that while usually displaying the word “YOLO” has also been known to say “SWAG, AWWW, HAHA, BRUH, OUCH,” and other words meant to help convey emotions.

Backstory: He’d lived a hundred lifetimes by now, surely. Hundreds of monsters reduced to dust directly because of him, and surely more by accident. He didn’t necessarily like to kill monsters, although he could say that about anything really. However, killing people usually lead to more bad consequences than good. Witnesses, trying not to leave any evidence behind, all the questions and suspicion and people on edge. Normally he tried to make sure it was only the hosts that died, considering they were the ones who put him in the most danger. Those were the people who were more likely to expose him, to reveal his secrets to everyone else, the people who were already too damaged by the time he was done to keep living anyways. What was the point in extending their pain?

However, living like he did, he was bound to make enemies. People who didn’t like his persona, people who knew what he was really like, people who knew he was responsible for the loss of lives from all kinds of places. Most of them weren’t able to catch him of course. He stayed on the move, going from timeline to timeline to avoid the crowds of angry and suspicious monsters that usually grew if he was around for too long.

Of course, that was before he was pushed into the void.

It had been terrifying. First when he had gotten caught he was sure they were going to kill him. His host had been stunned and there was no one close enough to safely possess without risking his safety. The monsters who had captured him had different plans though, and weren’t content to just kill him. They wanted to destroy him, or at least use him until he was gone. One of them had a machine they needed to test, something they had been working on for a while and wanted to use on monsters. They didn’t know if it was safe. They needed to test it out.

Fresh was forced inside of it, closed in some sort of small spherical room. He had tried everything he could think of, trying to damage the inside of the machine with magic, threatening them, even trying to reason with them. He was absolutely terrified, because the only thing going through his mind was that this would be it for him. He was going to die here, now, and he wasn’t ready. There had been a hum of electricity, a feeling of magic, and then a light that he thought had made him blind.

After a while though, he realized he could see. There was just simply nothing to see here. It was empty, dark. Void. He wasn’t dead, and neither was his host, but he wouldn’t be able to live in a place like this. They would run out of magic and starve to death if they stayed here. The first thing they had tried was teleporting out. They tried over and over again, as many times as he could, before realizing that it was getting nowhere. There was still just void, just them.

Fresh just ran. He ran nowhere. There simply wasn’t anything, but he had to run. He had to survive. It was panic at this point, and he could feel it eating away faster at the host’s Soul. Everything was rapidly going downhill and there was still nothing.

Until there wasn’t nothing anymore. Fresh didn’t remember when he noticed it, a something that had started existing that he had barely noticed on the edge of his vision. When he turned towards it, it didn’t disappear. If anything it seemed to stick out more against the nothing everywhere else. There was magic there, he could feel it, and he needed it. This host was on their last legs and there wasn’t enough time. He expected it to take him longer to get there, but time and distance passed oddly in the void. He had found the citadel, and more importantly, he had found what was going to become his home for… as long as it took.

He switched and killed his previous host before more than a few people had even known he existed. There wasn’t any reason for him to abandon his name, since most would take it as a nickname anyways. Now he just had to stay under the radar as much as possible, finding a new host every couple of months if he was lucky, sometimes just a few days later if they weren’t in good condition. There has to be a way out. Fresh knows full well he can’t stay here in the Citadel, in this Void.

They’ll find him again, he knows it. This time, if he gets caught, he won’t have the luxury of surviving. He had already died once, and you don’t get lucky twice

*~About You~*

Nickname: French Toast! I’m also the Warden player.
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): I want September to be over already
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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Re: Fresh, you know the one.   Fri 22 Sep - 3:54

Accepted. You really did a Fresh XD It will be fun Wink

Don't forget to credit and link Frensh's creator in you Signature Wink

(Avatar made by me)


The Butcher   (HorrorTale was created by Sour-apple-Studio)
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PostSubject: Re: Fresh, you know the one.   

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Fresh, you know the one.
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