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 Context of the RP

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PostSubject: Context of the RP   Context of the RP EmptyMon 9 Jan - 19:59

Plot bunny by Askellie

The Citadel is an enormous, trans-dimensional cityscape populated by dimension hopping Undertale residents who escaped their original universes. The population is primarily cynical, displaced Sanses who most often have the knowledge and means to find the place (and are frequently the final survivors of their dimensions), but there’s a smattering of others; Undynes, Alphyses, Toriels, Asgores, etc.

Floweys, Charas and Frisks are largely forbidden, or are intensely supervised. Determination is a closely monitored substance across the citadel. Rewinding or distorting time is strictly forbidden.

Papyruses are generally in high demand due to the large numbers of bereft Sanses. An unattached, brother-less Pap is like a miracle, and Sanses will fight, bribe, betray and dust possible competitors for the Pap’s affections in order to claim him as their own. Sanses who managed to keep their own brother’s alive are fiercely protective of them, and tend to stand higher in the social pecking order for succeeding where their peers have failed.

There’s a ruling council made up of mostly post-neutral run rulers – an Empress Undyne, a Queen Toriel, an Empress Alphys, a King Mettaton…and at the head is a Tale-type Papyrus who breaks the ties and is the one with the strongest influence over the (largely Sans-ish) population.
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Context of the RP
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