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 Fresh Save File

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PostSubject: Fresh Save File   Fresh Save File EmptyFri 22 Sep - 13:09

My informations:

Nickname: Fresh

Original Timeline: None..?

My Friends: No one specific yet

My Ennemies : No one of consequence.

Objectives/Personal Quest : To Live, and eventually, To Escape.

Weapon: Magic, but they don't mind improvising.

Favorite article of clothing: His shades

My RPs :

Finished : Just another Cycle

Ongoing : None

Out of Character :

I agree to: A lot of things. Basically, if it's not in the section of what I'm not ok with, I'll probably be fine with trying it at least:

I reject: Smut, partially because I'm personally not interested, but mostly because Fresh doesn't understand sex at all. He's Asexual and he's technically under aged, and attempts to make him interested will end in very disappointing failure.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please keep in mind that Fresh is a parasite. If you want, I am open to doing a roleplay where Fresh takes over your character, however, I recommend you DO NOT DO THIS unless you are FINE WITH THE DEATH OF YOUR CHARACTER. Being truly friends with Fresh is impossible, so PLEASE do not expect any pity or mercy from him.

If you DO NOT LIKE what is happening or where the thread looks like it is going, the best way to fix it quickly is to bring in an NPC. Fresh doesn't want people to know what he's actually like, so having a witness he doesn't know he can fight and win against will force him to shift back to his friendly persona, most likely leaving your character with a warning.

Of course, if you convince him you're useful to him, and at least basically trustworthy, he'll be much more inclined to be allies, at least.

((Fresh belongs to the Tumblr user LoverOfPiggies, I recommend you check her out if you like this character. Please keep in mind that I am not LOP herself, so if I make a mistake with Fresh's character, please forgive me!))

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Fresh Save File
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