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Lost Soul

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Date d'inscription : 2017-09-16
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PostSubject: Permissions   Fri 22 Sep - 16:49

Are you okay with Agression/Violence Roleplay? I have written violence in the past, so I'm very used to it.

Are you over 18? Yes.

Are you okay or willing to do sexual Roleplay? Not entirely opposed to it, but it would need to be heavily discussed first.

What type of relationship your character is open to? Both are somewhat closed off to others, but could probably adapt to most kind of relationships if given enough time.

Any boundaries? Really, really don't want to hear about bodily waste. Also, if you are writing with an OC as opposed to an alternate version of a canon character, I probably won't want to start a long roleplay with you. I just find that OCs tend to turn into Mary Sues.

Any worries? Not really...?
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