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PostSubject: AeraWolfsRain's Permissions   AeraWolfsRain's Permissions EmptyFri 22 Sep - 16:56

Ah geez, this looks like a great place to do this! Ok then...
Currently as of now, (I'll edit for the future) and hopefully if we can do multiple characters per account...

AeraWolfsRain's Permissions 24-84 AeraWolfsRain's Permissions 30-40
Fellby (Underfell Grillby)                Smoke (Swapfell Papyrus)
AeraWolfsRain's Permissions 0f025e777a6c1a084ccf520808531aa3fb7d1348_hq
M-E1/One (GasterBlaster Sans)                                        

Are you okay with Aggression/Violence Roleplay?
Yep! That's what the Sin District is about, after all.

Are you over 18? (prove it)
I am exactly 18....I suppose I'll prove it through a DM with the void boi though, to make it official.

Are you okay or willing to do sexual Roleplay?
Yep. Already have a stripclubbar that I'll be slowly filling with employees...and hopefully....customers too.

What type of relationship your character is open to?
Anything, doesn't matter to me. For the most part, it's purely business. Of course, that's just the employees. Fellby doesn't really have any sort of relationships in mind right now but.....it could be a good payment method if one is desperate enough...

Any boundaries?
I'll do literally anything but vore, or scat.

Any worries?
Obviously, The Slow Burn isn't just a NSFW filled dream/nightmare. Because it could have importance for overall plots and whatnot, considering Fellby is the guy that 'knows people' if you need to 'get things done'. Any sort of explicit RP would be done in a completely separate thing, so don't even ka-worry.

Currently roleplaying::

Fellby (Underfell Grillby), owner of The Slow Burn, a stripclubbar located in the Sin District.
M-E1/One (GasterBlaster Sans), is Fellby's Guard Dog with a thick black collar around his neck.
Legs (Underweb Sans), works in the Red Light District...training monsters for 'other' uses.
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