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 Mauve (UT Sans)

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PostSubject: Mauve (UT Sans)   Mauve (UT Sans) EmptyFri 22 Sep - 22:43

File 95504

Full Name: Sans [REDACTED]
Nickname: Mauve
Age: Data Unavailable

Universe of Origin: Undertale Version ##%?#h [REDACTED]
Soul Trait: Determination. [DT POSITIVE]

Attack pattern: [DAMAGE INDICATES 16 LV]
At this point, Mauve has had his magic entirely cut off via a suppressor. Trying to call upon it results in a painful sort of “short-circuiting” effect, where the magic trying to be expelled is driven right back into his soul. His attacks would have to entirely stem from his physical power. While he’s not strong, his sharp little claws could do a bit of damage of worst came to worst. Mauve, however, feels entirely defenseless.

Mauve is constantly fighting a battle within himself to stay sane. His high LV and determination causes him to grow agitated easily, while his lack of magic makes him feel very vulnerable. Together, these two traits lead him to be a twitchy, nervous mess. He desperately wishes that he could let his guard down, but the constant threat of execution hanging over his head keeps him unable to relax, even in his own home. He’s the most nervous when he’s in public. His collar makes him feel an unbearable amount of shame.

+ Very loyal to anyone who shows him kindness, even though he doesn’t really know how to express it
+ Has a Sans’s natural logical abilities
+ Has been trained to respect others, and as such has developed a set of precise manners
+ Able to empathise with others, especially “undesirables” (though he would never work with them, lest he get in trouble with his ‘guards’)

- Represses a lot of emotions, even more so than most Sanses
- He’s a killer. He’s considered to be quite dangerous, and there’s a lot of self-loathing associated with that title
- Pushes possible friends away in order to “keep them safe”
- Prone to both intense anger and intense terror

Visual Description:
(will add a drawing later)
From far away, Mauve looks like any other taleverse Sans. He’s the proud owner of a round face, rounder belly, and stubby little legs that somehow manage to get him from place to place incredibly quickly. He wears a typical blue hoodie (with a grey hood) and tennis shoes.

Upon closer inspection, there are a few notable differences. Mauve is ever so slightly taller than your average Sans, with purposefully sharpened phalanges. His neck bears a metal collar with a glowing red light that he tries desperately to hide. His bottoms are long, black sweatpants rather than basketball shorts, which he uses to conceal the fact that he’s bound a bony tail to his right leg with several thick bandages.

But most notably of all, of he were to use magic, it would shine a bright, bloody red.

Subject’s History:

Fog. Everything comes back to fog.

Somewhere inside of himself, Sans [REDACTED] knows that there was something before the citadel. He remembers red, and so much disgusting, gritty grey, and a face that he can’t quite make out but knows that it’s smiling. He remembers a splitting pain in his soul, and feeling red take over. Gods, the red. Seeing the concentrated color sends a shiver, albeit not an entirely negative one, crawling down his spine.

Deep down, he knows that he’s done something unforgivable.

Whatever caused his LV to skyrocket to its terrifying peak couldn’t have been just. There couldn’t possibly be that many deserving monsters in the world. Somewhere along the line he’d failed, and he’d failed badly.

Suddenly, his memories, blurry as they may be, run dry. He doesn’t remember entering the citadel. He doesn’t remember his supposedly violent arrest. He remembers nothing up until the point that he’d woken up in a hospital bed to have a cold, metal band snap around his neck. His magic fizzled and buzzed in his soul, then faded completely from his accessible pool of abilities.

His panicked gaze shot around the room, choosing to finally settle upon a massive old goat in a white robe. He tried to reach out to the creature with his sharpened phalanges, only to find that his arms were immobile, kept pinned to the side of his bed with metal cuffs. He raised a brow at the monster.

The goat let out a low chuckle.

“Welcome back to consciousness, Sans. Congratulations.” He slowly plodded towards the monster on the bed, and sat down on the edge with a wry grin. His claws combed through his beard thoughtfully. “Despite your sins, you have been spared.” A sigh. “Most monsters in your position would have been put down immediately. Unlike most monsters, you have been selected to participate in an experiment - an experiment meant to to determine whether it is safe to allow monsters afflicted with determination as their primary trait out into the general public. Without their magic, of course.”

Sans recoiled from the towering beast. How could he possibly survive without his very life essence?

As if sensing his thoughts, the goat spoke once more. “The collar allows you just enough innate magic to keep you alive; your built-in bodily functions should remain unaffected. It is only your activated magic that has been stifled.”

Sans nodded, almost on the verge of tears.

“Oh, and Sans?” The goat leaned in, uncomfortably close to the skeleton. “Be grateful for this opportunity. Stay in line, and you might yet be allowed to keep your head attached to your neck.” A pregnant pause ensued. Sans felt his entire body twitch nervously. After a moment, the goat sighed. “I would highly recommend learning to respect your betters. You really should have something to say right now, something that indicates that respect.”

Sans stiffened, trying to think of what he was expected to say. After a moment, he opened his mouth to speak for the first time in his remembered history. “Th-thank you.” At the goat’s neutral expression, he amended the statement. Respect was apparently what he wanted. “Thank you, sir…?”

He was rewarded with a pat on the head.

“Good man. Keep following the instructions given to you, and we may make a reformed citizen out of you yet.”

Sans shuddered.

Filer ID:

Researcher’s Title: Hawk
Data Access Codes: hbdtm
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Accepted ^^

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Mauve (UT Sans)
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