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PostSubject: Honey's Permissions   Honey's Permissions EmptySat 23 Sep - 13:48

Are you okay with Aggression/Violence Roleplay?
ABSOLUTELY. Honey isn't violent by nature. Much like the original Papyrus, he's not really able to strike a killing blow except in the most extreme of circumstances. He's also not a great fighter in general because both his stamina and general conviction is low. In his Swap Universe, it's still Sans who has 1HP, so this Pap can take a few hits, but aside from a few cheap tricks he's not likely to come out ahead against a serious or trained opponent.

In terms of what I'm okay with RP-wise:
- Violence and fighting is totally fine
- Talk with me first, but it's totally cool if he takes a serious/permanent wound
- I'm also okay if things go absolutely terrible and Honey ends up dead/comatose/unplayable. 8D The Multiverse is full of replacement Papses. I can always app another.

Are you over 18? (prove it but not with a photo!]
Yes! I have access to the 18+ Forums here at the Citadel)

Are you okay or willing to do sexual Roleplay?
YES. Honey is a virgin, and might have some hangups about incest or selfcest, but I am totally behind placing him in situations where he has to be confronted by or immersed in sexual things. My enjoyment comes from seeing his innocence being slowly stripped away and destroyed.

What type of relationship your character is open to?
Honey considers himself a 'platonic' companion of Sanses, but given the dubious nature of the Sin district it won't be long before he's introduced to the idea that some skeletons feel more strongly about their brothers. It's a slippery slope, and once Honey realises he can cash in on his physical appeal, he's likely to use that to get what he wants (money, companionship, validation).

As a player, I am open to every ship, and every kind of relationship (romantic, sexual, unhealthy, murderous, exploitative, etc)

Any boundaries?
No, except that I appreciate good communication with my RP partners, so if you wanna plan something drastic for Honey, just make sure you message me first. ;D

((If that sounds too open ended and you're not sure if you can take it seriously, I have written and RPed gore, vore, watersports, incest, abusive relationships, murder, death, and many many kinds of kinks. I enjoy them greatly. I have no real boundaries, and will not kinkshame you.))

Any worries?
I am a filthy sinner and an experienced RP-er. Don't be afraid to approach me with your horrendous or heart-breaking ideas. I'm enjoying Honey, but I consider him expendable. I am very fine with him meeting an awful end, so don't be afraid to approach me if you have dark ideas you want to play out.

((This is listed under worries because frankly I'm not sure how many people want to go as dark and depraved as I want to. I'm fine with doing platonic/gen/fluffy stuff too, but I like pushing boundaries and being challenged by people with similar feelings to myself.))
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Honey's Permissions
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