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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Register desk   Register desk EmptySun 24 Sep - 14:34

A young monster made of green flames welcome people and is ready to answer questions about the tournament. In from of her, there is a pile of application form.

Monster Type:

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The Butcher   (HorrorTale was created by Sour-apple-Studio)
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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Re: Register desk   Register desk EmptySun 24 Sep - 18:05

Undyne came in the Arena the day after the announcement. The Boss told her he was working on something to entertain the monsters and she loved his idea. No matter the prize. Fighting other monsters like in the old time was a satisfaction.
“Hey Fuku!” she waved at the elementary monster at the counter and took a form. She filed it and gave it to the young girl.

Name: Undyne "Jäger" of Waterfall
Age: 28
Monster Type: Deep One
Adress: 4 Aster Avenue, 36th floor, Fell District
LOVE: 13

“Say hello to you Uncle for me!”

Then, she left the building, not interested in the numerous shops and food places.
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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Re: Register desk   Register desk EmptyTue 26 Sep - 22:26

Bones had entered the Fell building with his "Brother," looking around as energetically as he could at the surrounding arena while his Sans went to talk to Fuku about more of the details- making sure there was no chance he would die, reviewing the date, things like that.

Meanwhile, he had already picked up one of the application sheets, filling it out quietly on his own. Some of the answers were easy enough, like His name and address. His age gave him momentary pause because... he didn't actually know exactly what it was. He was youngish for a skeleton, although definitely not a kid, but he wasn't sure how that translated. Eventually he just settled on '23,' hoping that it was a good number.

His LOVE... that was a hard one. He guessed they would be CHECKing at the event to make sure they matched, and he would have to make sure he put down a LOVE that he could reasonably reach by then. At the same time, he had to be able to properly fight... too low and he would be a skittish mess, too high and he would look guilty or cruel... Eventually he settled on 6, low enough to still come off as fairly nice yet high enough to lessen the ache of his guilt.

Once he was done he turned the form in with a flourish, picking up his Sans carefully and walking out with him perched up on his shoulders.

Name: Papyrus "Bones"
Age: old enough? Young? 23
Monster Type: Skeleton
Address: 783 Snowdrake Street
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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Re: Register desk   Register desk EmptyWed 4 Oct - 11:27

It had been a while since the... incident that had convinced him to come here. He had heard about the tournament when it had been first announced of course, but before he wouldn't have considered entering. Now, however, it was clear that he would have to use some... unconventional methods to Really fix the Sin District. He was only one person, and people didn't work for free. He either needed money to pay them with, or some other service that they would want, and right now one was easier than the other.

People avoided him as much as possible while he was there, and he finished his application quickly before leaving without any further comment. If he could win this, or even get far enough in the competition to prove his power, that would be the first step. Everything else... that would have to come later.

Name: Papyrus Aster, "Warden."
Age: 32
Monster Type: Skeleton.
Address: Floodgate, Sin District.
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