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 Bones, UT Papyrus

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PostSubject: Bones, UT Papyrus    Bones, UT Papyrus  EmptyTue 26 Sep - 3:46

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Papyrus [redacted]
Nickname: Bones
Age: Unclear. Young for a skeleton, yet old for a human

Universe of Origin: Undertale?
Soul Trait:Patience

Attack pattern: Bones that are both Blue and White, very precise magic (can turn their own Soul Blue and maneuver it, able to deal 0 damage if wanted.) Blasters can be used, but this is kept a secret and used as their "special attack," if a battle ever gets that far

Personality: He tries his best to be happy and positive, and is quite like a normal Tale Papyrus on the surface. He's confident in himself, Friendly towards the people around him, and motivated to reach his goals. The further you dig into him however, the more mystery there is to uncover. What he says doesn't always line up with what he'd said before, and he tends to lie to keep people thinking he's innocent. He has to, because people finding out what he actually does would end badly.

Bones has a magic condition called LOVEsickness- His LOVE will increase over time if he doesn't kill other monsters, with the corresponding changes in base personality happening along with the change in LOVE. That means his personality gradually changes as time goes on, before resetting again with his LV.

He becomes colder, more interested in his own goals than those of others. He will still act nice to keep up appearances, but he loses some of his empathy. Ever since Flowey, he never quite valued people the same, and he doesn't always think through all his decisions before making them. He avoids his guilt and tries to forget what he's done by distracting and distancing himself. Still, When His LV is high enough, he can't truthfully deny that he enjoys the power, especially knowing he's better than those around him.

Appearance: He sticks very close to the appearance of a normal Tale Papyrus, in an attempt to keep up the illusion of being vanilla. However, he's not always able to maintain eye contact, and will alternate between being fidgety and nervous or nearly motionless. He stands at 6'8" (about 2 meters), and while most of him is undamaged, he has cracks around his neck and ribs from abuse by Flowey (which are usually hidden behind a scarf and shirt/battle body).

Backstory: ((it's flowey's fault, basically.))

Flowey had played with this timeline through so many resets. He had read every book, and burned every book. He'd won every game and he'd lost every game.

Well, no, not every game.

He was rather determined this run. They had all the time in the world, and there was still something he wanted to do, as much as his emotionless self could want. Papyrus, through every single run, had remained this seemingly untouchable, unshakably innocent character, and Flowey wanted to see how long it took to change that. It was careful, gradual work. He needed trust, and build up, and careful planning to make this work. He wanted to corrupt Papyrus, see if he could make them turn against the monsters he loved, to see if he could make him kill all the other monsters. He wanted it to be their choice, not to just use them like a puppet.

After countless tries and manipulations of all sorts of variables, it happened. Really, it could have been written off as an accident, but the EXP had been gained. Papyrus had been mortified, and Flowey was sure to reassure him, and help him feel better. It was ok, you're still fine, it'll be ok. Finding the right words had taken a while, but eventually they came. He was on the path, he just had to continue down it.

After the first, the next few happened with a little more ease. It was still difficult to get Papyrus to do it, but took much fewer reloads than it had before. He was making gradual, careful progress and it excited him. Slowly but surely, he was able to convince Papyrus that this was what he had to do, that he had to be stronger to be in the Royal guard, he had to do anything, he had to feel LOVE. Everyone else had some LV, he just needed to show he was as capable as anyone. Eventually, it didn't take much to convince Papyrus to hurt someone, just telling them that it was for the best. They were friends, they could trust each other.

His brother had been a problem. That smiley trashbag kept trying to cause problems with his progress, and repeatedly had to be distracted with other things. Flowey knew he couldn't kill them- that was going to be Papyrus' last job. He would use Papyrus to get to the human SOULs, and Sans would have to stand in the way as the judge. They'd fight eventually.

The fight with Undyne was almost disappointing. It was clear that Undyne didn't want to fight him, and Papyrus had grown stronger than them over time. Flowey let him continue however, instead of reloading to get a better show. It was incredible he had gotten this far at all.

Once Papyrus had gotten to the golden halls, barely less than 20 LV from all the help Flowey had given him in destroying the rest of the timeline, there was no choice. Flowey watched the fight between the two brothers, quite pleased with himself. If Papyrus had died, Flowey could just reset. Once Sans got hit it was over. The taller skeleton was already too far gone to listen to reason, not with the voice of Flowey at his heels in return. 20 LOVE.

When they had gotten to the end, Flowey had been ready to take the human Souls once Papyrus killed Asgore. There had been a shift, however. Instead of leaving the human Souls alone, Papyrus destroyed them right after killing Asgore. Flowey had been outraged, killing Papyrus almost immediately after and resetting the whole game. It had been good enough, he wasn't that worried about it.

That moment before the reset, when Papyrus had destroyed the human Souls, threw him past the edge of the game's code. He had looped back to LV 1, and all of the guilt had come crashing down on him at once. When the timeline reset, he didn't remember the details, but he had feelings and ghosts of memories. Dust dancing at the edges of his vision, flickering between the present and a world that didn't exist. He didn't tell anyone, but he was scared. Something had gone wrong and he couldn't tell exactly what.

Soon after, the human fell into the underground, and made their way through it in less than a day, befriending everyone and breaking the barrier through incredible chance. They lived in peace on the surface for what must have been forever... with Papyrus gradually becoming more distant, the memories more clear. His LOVE was slowly increasing, building up until he couldn't stand it. He had to, to feel that power again, to gain that strength, the real EXP he had to have to make these feelings work.

When he dusted them the timeline broke apart. That wasn't what had been supposed to happen, it had broken the script, and there was a forced reset. One which purged the anomaly, kicking Papyrus out into the void to try and fix the bug. Which worked, yet left Papyrus stranded in a void alone.

There was nothing to do but hope he could find something, eventually. Papyrus walked for what felt like too long, through the empty void until it wasn't so empty anymore. The citadel had revealed itself to him, and it was the best he had for now. The Sin district was full of monsters no one cared about, and a quick visit every now and then did him good. Other than that? Well, there were many, many sans who were thrilled to have a Papyrus of their own, and he was treated to a nice life in exchange for being the good Papyrus they wanted. Cook bad spaghetti, become a fake member of the guard, be the loud, excited skeleton everyone expected.

While that was great, he quickly realized his bloodlust had to be sated every now and then, to make sure he could keep up a convincing act. Not only that, but doing what amounted to nothing was terrible, in his opinion, and he knew he was capable of so much more. Once you found out how to contact the gangs in the area, it was easy enough to pick up odd jobs, especially if they needed someone  needed someone to go out and find targets, or even make deliveries without questioning what was in the package, or where they had gotten their goods. Papyrus was great at minding his own business, although he wished he could be taken more seriously. If it wasn't so risky he could be a great hitman. He just had to make sure to avoid being the cause of more dust than was necessary.

*~About You~*

Nickname: French Toast
How did you found this forum? Through Tumblr
Rules Codes: It's almost over
How the heck does LOVEsickness work in Undertale? Fun face, You can go in the game files and change your LOVE to 20. However, should you kill a monster while you have 20 LOVE, the counter will reset back to the start- 1 LV (That or it's 2 LV, I can't remember). The game isn't built to go above 20 LOVE so it will reset you after you gain another EXP.

Following this logic, if a Monster was at 20 LV and killed someone, it too would have it's LOVE reset back to one- but that could leave lasting issues as the code tries to account for the kill count and EXP. hence, LOVEsick monsters will happen- their LV will continue to increase until it reaches 20, at which point they'll be able to  return to their original STATS and personality. If they kill again. It wears down on you mentally and magically, changing like this, and normally the monster doesn't last long while LOVEsick because of the law or because of guilt. Flowey took good care of Papyrus of course.

Papyrus' story is roughly based off a fanfiction called "Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach" (FINAGLC), Although I did change around exactly what happened so that it would work for what I wanted. I highly recommend you read FINAGLC, it's well written and one of my personal favorites.
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Bones, UT Papyrus  Empty
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Bones, UT Papyrus
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