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Save file Model Empty
PostSubject: Save file Model   Save file Model EmptySat 21 Jan - 1:17

[center][u][b]My informations :[/b][/u][/center]


[u]Original Timeline:[/u]

[u]My Friends :[/u]

[u]My Ennemies :[/u]

[u]Objectives/Personal Quest :[/u]


[u]Favorite article of clothing:[/u]

[u][b][center]My RPs :[/center][/b][/u]

[u]Finished :[/u]

[u]Ongoing :[/u]

[u][b][center]Out of Character :[/center][/b][/u]

[u]I agree to: [/u]

[u]I reject: (your limits in RP)[/u]

This index card is there so that each knows about whom makes what on the forum and also to help you respect a certain chronology and avoid anachronisms in RP. Update your index cards regularly is thus recommended but not obligatory.
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Save file Model
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