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  Rules of the Role Play

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W.D. Gaster
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PostSubject: Rules of the Role Play   Wed 27 Sep - 22:15

1- Avoid the flood (Ooc comments) in your RP as much as possible.

2- Respect wrighting rules:
The narrative is in the 3rd person, like a novel.
Choose a style so that we can make the difference between your words, thought and your narration.
Find a way to clarify which character you are playing at the moment if you have more than one in one account. (ex: color change, picture before their paragraph, their name in big, etc…)
Do not especially change method of writing along the way!

Exemple :

Quote :

Ambre was in the forest.

" Oh, what a beautiful flower!"

*And it smell so good*

(OORP: See? It's not difficult)

You can also add color to your messages if you want.
Please, try not to be out of character. Your headcanons will be respected as long as they take into account the personality of the original character.

3- There is no limit number of line. This forum accepts beginner! After all it is necessary to begin somewhere.
However, if somebody post a subject of 30 line and what you answer by only two, that that can be really frustrating thus try to make an effort. A help is available with advice to support your answers then do not hesitate to read it.

4-The number of maximum subject by character is 3. Once reaches this limit, it will be necessary for you to wait to have finishes a subject before creating a new one or answering somebody in another. Try to avoid anachronism, the Memories is there to help you.
For multi character accounts, the limit is still valid. Each of your characters are limited to 3 RP subjects each. If two or more character are in one topic, it count for one subject for each character.

5- Elementary rule, when you fight, it is strictly forbidden to say what is the reaction of your opponent UNLESS it is a NPC YOU control. You cannot either play Gary Stu and Mary Sue. Even Sans and Asgore [Code 2: beckons through the leaves] can be hurt. Remember that to violate this rule is will give you the title of Jerry.

6- Nothing forbid you from creating scenario for your characters and, why not, from creating new enemies NPCs or Player. All is not sunshine and rainbows in the citadelle.

7- To be able to post subjects ultra violent or with explicit sexual theme, the involved players have to be 18 years old in real life and ask for the permission to reach a special RP section with an admin.

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Rules of the Role Play
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