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 The Butcher

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*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Sans Sherif
Nickname:The Butcher / Butch
Age: 42

Universe of Origin: Horrortale unfinished
Soul Trait: Patience

Attack pattern: for a long time and by lack of food, he lost most of his ability to use magic to defend himself. So he mostly do regular attack with his weapon of choice: a butcher knife. Since he lived in the Citadel, he gained back his magical abilities but don’t use them much, except maybe his blue attack and sometimes his bones. He totally lost his teleportation and Gaster Blasters. But he live with it. Nobody need to know.

Personality: Unlike what someone could expect from a HorrorTale Sans, Butcher is a simple and patient monster with a heart of gold. He’s a hard worker, far away from his old and forgotten lazy self. He only gives his best, especially for his brother. He’s full of good will, he don’t want to be like others think he should be. He’s independent, honest and intelligent.
But separate him from Sweety and you’ll find his repressed self. A ruthless monster, capable of the worst. He did it and is able to do it again for the sake of his brother. He enjoy violence and he try his best everyday to forget his blood lust. LIke a shark, just a drop of blood is enough to drive him mad. But he’s a coward, he always take his victims by surprise. It’s easier if they don’t struggle. He’s too weak to attack someone who can defend themselves.

Appearance: He’s the classical Horror sans in all his creepiness. He’s all bones, small and have a round face like any other Sans. Only his left eye socket is listed. Big and red as blood. His teeth are cracked and his big mouth always give him a creepy look. Even when he try to be nice. Above his left eye, his cranium is open in a painful looking manner. Sometimes, marrow seem to drop from it. He never found the will to give away his jacket. Yeah it’s old and there is blood stain he never success to wash but he like it this way. It has a sentimental value.  Except that, he try to change into clean cloth every day.

Backstory:  Butch’s story began like any other classic Sans. Born in the Underground, got a little brother he loved, worked for a time at the lab the letting everything go to take care of Papyrus. He just don’t have any memory of a period of time really important since his cranium was broke by the Empress Undyne. He learned from other Sanses, since, that he must have forgot the last human and everything related to them. He can't even remember their name right when someone talk about them.
He just remember what came after the king was killed. The famine, the monster driven mad by hunger and the lack of magic. Monsters began to lose their abilities and their body changed. Grillby’s face began to melt, Papyrus’s teeth became crooked and bloody… He kept his sanity as he could and gone against the empress orders. That’s what get his wound in the head. To help Snowdin's inhabitants, he decided not to kill the human to get their soul but to kill them to feed his friends.
A long time passed, he killed and killed humans who fell and got so many LV that he found it too easy to kill the humans. But then, one day, a little girl came underground. Good, they needed to feed. But that day never ended. He killed her numerous time, Papyrus killed her with puzzles too but the never got further than the second puzzle near the ruins. Something was wrong like an unfinished code.
Until… Everything faded. First the door, then the puzzle, only Pap and him remained for a time, in a little place they couldn’t escape.
Then, nothing. Until they arrived in the Citadel.
It was strange at the beginning. There, no famine seem possible. At first, Papyrus panicked every time he saw someone just threw away any kind of food. They decided for Butcher and Sweety as nickname. Butcher choose his by himself. It reflected his past, how he saw himself. Sweety didn’t choose. He was a little simple for a Papyrus. But he was so nice to everybody. And he was so scared that others could not eat without their help like in the Underground, he began to feed the poor. Even when they were poor too. And Butch let him be. It was his way to stay sane. He was so nice that everyone called him Sweety. So the nickname.
Butch was lost at his beginning in the Citadel. He didn’t had to kill, he saw his own face on half of the population and he was one of the rare from his kind of timeline. Some monsters were scared of him. After all he was a Horror. Everyone expected him to be mad and violent. But he wanted to prove them wrong, to prove them that any monster could be good. He found a little job in a grocery store in the Fell District and a little apartment near it. He worked hard and kept money to buy the store for him. His brother finally found something other than cooking for the poor to occupy his cycles. He became a concierge. He even had a nice apartment for him. Butch joined him in, even if it was farther from work.
At the time, the Fell District was still a dangerous place with a lot of crimes and violence. He enjoyed the fights but deplored to see monster dust in front of his door. Sometimes, the monster who came to eat at his home told him why they were doing it. They were all from violent universes where the law was kill or be killed fighting was something they did on a daily basis there. And they were so lost that they needed something to remind them home.
One day, after work, he was trapped by a burglar. He almost dusted them, they were weak and didn’t have enough magic in them. But the thrill of the fight was enough for him to want to hurt another monster again. But just fighting could end with him getting hurt or being arrested and send to the Judgment hall. And he got an idea
He talked about his idea to a small group of his friends, and a little club of Sanses (mostly Fells) organised fights in secret places. There were only two rules: Never Dust, and Never Tell.
Of course, rumors spread quickly, and more Sanses wanted to participate, or to assist with the fights.
This continued until it came to the ears of Fellphys, an Alphys who worked as the head of the engineering division of the Font Industry. She knew the company could make money out of this idea, and talked about it to The Boss.
The next morning, a beautiful Limo pulled up just outside The Butcher's shop. The Boss and him discussed security, ideas, concepts, and money. The next day, a construction site opened. Sixty six cycles later, the Arena was born.
Since then, he became one of the richest monster in town. He was also offered a big apartment in the Boss Tower but refused. He just accepted Boss’s friendship.
He still works in his little shop and fight sometimes just for the thrill of it. But safely. He can also afford all the food he want and open more willingly to every poor soul in need. Everything they have in excess, he and sweety use it for others. That’s how they’re happy. Helping others. As long as Sweety is with him, Butcher has no need to worry.

*~About You~*

Nickname: AerisHikari

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The Butcher   (HorrorTale was created by Sour-apple-Studio)
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The Butcher
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