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 Booker's Introduction

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Booker's Introduction   Booker's Introduction EmptyThu 28 Sep - 19:24

*~My Character~*

Full Name: Booker
Nickname: ...none, really
Age: 20s

Universe of Origin: Canon Undertale
Soul Trait: Integrity

Attack pattern: Words hurt people... in their case, literally. Representations of words spill across the battle scene, cutting at a person's SOUL - whether they mean to or not, sometimes. They can also use their words to heal and encourage, or form a blockade. Examples: Attacks- Weak, pathetic, sad, useless, broken; Help- Trust, I believe in you, you can do it, determination, I love you, stay strong; Blocks - Can't, Should've, Could've, etc. However, they can also use this ability to get their point across in spars or when they're nonverbal.

Personality: Booker is very nervous and hesitant, and feel divorced from the world. They have a hard time interacting with others, and possess the body of a stuffed cat plushie when they really want to be close to others. When they find someone they like, they tend to hover by their side and look to the other for guidance. They think they're probably a kind person, and don't like to lie, but... they're super self-conscious and have low self-esteem.

Appearance: Booker looks a lot like Napstablook, except they have glasses and a purple messenger bag filled with books, paper, pens, and pencils. Their cat form is a small, black cat with bright green eyes. It's super fluffy, but it doesn't shed any fur.

Backstory: Booker came to in Waterfall, and have quietly lived there ever since. They make a living (for the value that a ghost can live) off of restoring damaged books they find in the dump, and selling them to Gerson or giving them to the "Lirary" in New Home. They found their cat form in the dump, before being scared away by a white dog straight into Papyrus rescuing arms, leaving a lasting fondness for the caring skeleton.With his assistance, they slowly started opening up to people - mostly him and his brother, but occasionally their friends. They have difficulties speaking, often becoming nonverbal when overcome by anxiety or overwhelmed. They were finally actually beginning to talk with people when a human came through the Underground, and destroyed the world. Booker was completely unaware of this, having been writing in their home the entire time the Undertale runs took place. The ghost only realized that their world was destroyed when they were sent floating through the void, rejected from their collapsing universe. Thankfully, Booker was drawn to a place of civilization outside of time, a Citadel of Lost Souls...

*~About Me~*

Nickname: Ann
How did you found this forum? Askellie, actually, and then mention on an Undertale Discord
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): As autumn colors fall♪
Suggestions? ...Please be gentle with me?
Anything else? Booker is aware of the 4th wall and their place in the universe.
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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: Re: Booker's Introduction   Booker's Introduction EmptyThu 28 Sep - 19:31

Welcome Ann!

You're accepted and it's a real pleasure to finally have a ghost! Just, please don't go too far with the 4th wall thing, i'm counting on you for that. I'm okay with that as long as they don't know meta things.

Have fun and if you have any question, ask me or Cherry Wink

(Seriously? A Discord mention the forum! IIIII Very Happy ! )

(Avatar made by me)


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Booker's Introduction
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