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 Beloved introduction

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Beloved introduction   Beloved introduction EmptyThu 28 Sep - 22:59

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Papyrus the Skeleton
Nickname: Beloved
Age: 22

Universe of Origin: Undertale (Bad brother AU)
Soul Trait (despite having white souls, monsters can still have a trait): Bravery

Attack pattern: Beloved would rather not fight, but he can summon blue and orange bones

Personality: Beloved is very soft spoken and tries not to bring attention to himself. He is a very humble monster, downplaying any talents he may possess. He puts everyone else before himself and he just wants everyone around him to be happy, oftentimes neglecting his own happiness. He pretends everything is fine, always putting on a smile when around others, but deep down he is very troubled. He doesn't want to be a burden to others, never asking for help even when he needs it.

Appearance: Sans never made him his battle body so he wears everyday clothing. He most commonly wears a sweatshirt and jeans. You wouldn't tell at first glance that he was an UT Papyrus if it wasn't for his signature red scarf. It was the only thing Sans ever gave him.

Backstory: Beloved originated from an UT universe where everything seemed fine from an outside perspective but in reality Sans was emotionally abusive towards him. For whatever reason Sans didn't develop the same love and adoration every UT Sans has for his baby brother. He insulted Beloved every chance he got but did it so none of their friends saw it. Although they sensed there was some tension between the brothers they didn't know the full extent. This is why Beloved isn't as loud and attention seeking as his other UT peers. He tried to do anything he could think of to win his brother's approval but all it seemed to do was make Sans even more annoyed with him.

One day Beloved was doing some cleaning around the house and noticed his brother's door was open a crack. He peeked inside and was appalled by how disgusting it was. He thought if he cleaned his brother's room Sans would be happy with him. While he was cleaning he came across a strange key. After some searching he found it went to the door to the basement he was never allowed in. Being curious by nature he decided to see what was so special down there. This is where he discovered the machine. Beloved got the brilliant idea that if he fixed it maybe Sans would finally love him. It looked like it was almost done but it was missing something. Viewing it like a puzzle it was easy for him and he managed to fix it. In his haste to tell Sans the good news he ended up pressing something and he was thrown through time and space.

This was how he ended up at the Citadel. A Sansless Papyrus wandering all alone by himself. Having no money or place to go, Beloved wanders around aimlessly wishing and praying that one day his brother will find him and bring him back home. He tries to avoid other Sanses, not wanting anyone but his real brother. He was given the nickname Beloved as a joke because the Sanses thought Beloved avoided them because he thought he was too good for them but it ended up sticking.

*~About You~*

Nickname: Azura
How did you found this forum? From askellie
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): Dancing in this world ♫
Suggestions? nope
Anything else? I'm not good at these things but I hope I'm accepted.
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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Re: Beloved introduction   Beloved introduction EmptyThu 28 Sep - 23:06

Perfect ! You're good to go~

Welcome Wink
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Beloved introduction
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