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 Cream Puff's Save File

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Cream Puff
Lost Soul
Cream Puff

Messages : 36
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-21
Age : 32
Localisation : Discord: tenuit#9997

Cream Puff's Save File Empty
PostSubject: Cream Puff's Save File   Cream Puff's Save File EmptyThu 21 Sep - 21:25


Full Name: Comic Sans Pristina

Nickname: Cream Puff

Age: 30

Height: 4’3” (130 cm)

Original Timeline: Underswap (Pacifist)

Soul Trait: Jͦ̒̈́ͪ̾ͦ͋͘u̼̪̝̍̀̈́̿ͬͬ̚͜s̷̭̮͊ͧ͆̽t͔̙͖̰̻̩̺̎͂i̼̇ͣ͐̈͒̄c͎̱̱ͪ̓͊̇͠e͚̙̯̅̿̇ͭ

Friends: His brother, Noodle.

Enemies: Deceased

Objectives/Personal Quest: To be the richest, most popular, most powerful monster in the Citadel.

Weapons: Blue magic, bone magic, a bone claymore.

Other Skills:

Favorite article of clothing: His gloves.

My RPs

Finished: Puff and Noodle with a Proposition...



Out of Character

Hi there! My name is tenuit. and I run this character. Please see my Permissions page for more information about my playstyle and characters.

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Cream Puff
Lost Soul
Cream Puff

Messages : 36
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-21
Age : 32
Localisation : Discord: tenuit#9997

Cream Puff's Save File Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cream Puff's Save File   Cream Puff's Save File EmptySat 23 Sep - 12:25

Combat Strategy

Puff has access to blue magic and bone magic, but uses very different tactics depending on whether or not he’s being watched. If he has an audience, he will be careful not to hurt anyone too badly, and act as if he really doesn’t want to fight. He might even give a speech about how they should stop fighting and be friends. He’s hesitant in his attacks and barely dodges out of the way of attacks.

However, if there’s no one else around, and he doesn’t plan on letting them get away, his demeanor is completely different. Mercy is not an option. If he’s really serious he’ll summon a claymore made of bone, not hesitating to cleave through other monsters. He has extensive combat training, and excels at melee combat. He’s not above fighting dirty, though, and he will trip opponents or stab them from behind with summoned bones.

He makes up for his lack of teleportation with training and raw power (and a not insignificant amount of LOVE). As a swap, he has much more HP than a regular Sans, and uses this durability to his advantage.


Bubbly, confident, friendly, and always ready to help: that’s what most people think of Cream Puff. He does his best to maintain a public appearance, especially in the better parts of town. He also affects a higher-pitched voice. He preserves a respectable and generous public appearance, donating and volunteering at charities. He loves the attention and accolades. Puff enjoys creature comforts, and is accustomed to luxury. A nice house, nice clothes, and expensive food are all things he considered basic necessities for him and his brother. He considers himself a skeleton of taste.

Behind closed doors, however, Puff is a different skeleton. He drops the voice and the act but none of the confidence. Puff is a calculating individual who enjoys manipulating other people and situations. He is a chronic smoker, sarcastic, and smart. It’s hard to fool him, especially since he’s so familiar with dishonesty. He is conceited, and when he doesn’t get what he wants, finds it hard to control his temperament. He considers Fell monsters to be little better than animals.


Puff is 4’3” (130 cm), and does not strike an intimidating figure. He wears a “homemade” battle body. On the surface, it looks like it was cobbled together from home materials. Flimsy shoulder pads, a t-shirt, and regular pants. However, there is armor plating underneath his shirt and pants, and his neck scarf hides further padding protecting his neck. He wears blue combat boots, and his military-grade cut-resistant gloves are a matching blue. His smile is bright and warm.


Puff was a very spoiled child. He got what he wanted, when he wanted, and excelled at everything he tried (and when he didn’t, he concluded that it simply wasn’t something worth doing). His brother, in comparison…was a bit of an underachiever. Puff was the obvious favorite, and he looked down on his brother for his lack of drive. He felt obligated to get Papyrus up to speed, to make the family (but more importantly, him) look good. This continued through their childhood and into adulthood.

As he got older, Puff started to hide his opinions and thoughts on other monsters. No one like the guys who constantly critiques everyone around him. But keeping quiet about it didn’t mean he wasn’t constantly judging the monsters around him, and always finding them lacking. Especially his brother. Puff got into the guard, but despite his best efforts, could never get Papyrus into the organization. Alphys had to continually tell Puff that Papyrus was too kind-hearted, and really didn’t have the right attitude for a guard. This frustrated him to no end.

When the human fell, and began making their way through the underground peacefully, Puff hatched a plan. He smiled and played nice with the human…but followed behind them as they went through Snowdin, waiting for his chance. Bringing a soul to the queen would be a major achievement, and he might even get a promotion.

And he hit the jackpot. He followed the human out of Snowdin, using the fog to hide. Once he was sure they were alone, he came out of hiding and killed them. Unfortunately, Papyrus stepped out of the fog moments later, gaping at the scene. Puff had killed a child…one who seemingly hadn’t raised a hand against a single monster. Papyrus, horrified, asked Puff what he had done. And Puff decided to kill two birds with one stone. After all, there’s no way to tell how a monster died from just their dust. He murdered his brother.

It would make for a wonderful story. Papyrus, trusting and lazy, had been ruthlessly murdered by the human. And Puff, coming upon the human, standing over the dust of his brother, had taken revenge. Puff congratulated himself for his quick thinking and tried to collect the human soul.

However, he had gone against all the proper rules of the universe: he had broken the script. Papyrus is never supposed to be killed by his own brother, and the universe violently rejected Puff. Before he could grab the soul, he was forcefully expelled from the world, thrown into another swap universe. He found himself standing in the same spot, just outside Snowdin. But the human and his brother’s dust were gone. Instead, there was a fake-looking suit of armor, covered in a small pile of dust. And a very alive Papyrus staring at him. Dazed and confused, Puff did the only “reasonable” thing, and tried to kill him again.

But this time, it wasn’t so easy. This Papyrus wasn’t the soft pushover his brother had been. They fought for a long time, with no clear winner in sight. They agreed to a ceasefire, and began to talk. The two decided to team up. Puff found this other Papyrus much more satisfactory.

The Papyrus explained the resets to him, and Puff decided they should try to return to his world, telling Papyrus to figure something out. Papyrus built a machine, but instead of bringing them to the intended universe, they ended up in the Citadel. Once they figured out where they were and what was going on, they got their story straight, and started to get settled. They picked out names, Puff dubbing the new Papyrus Noodle.

Immediately Puff began to plot. Once he crossed the line of killing his own Papyrus, nothing was off limits anymore. He noticed the way the other swap Sanses acted, and with input from Noodle, began to construct a persona for himself. He mimicked the alts around him, and started manipulating people from day one.
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Cream Puff's Save File
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