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 Black (UF Sans)

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PostSubject: Black (UF Sans)   Wed 20 Sep - 14:03

*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Comic Sans Aster
Nickname: Black
Age: 32

Universe of Origin: Underfell
Soul Trait: Kindness

Attack pattern: Black has a blasters, blue magic, and teleportation at his disposal. He’s also strong physically, although it isn’t that much of an asset to him during combat, as he has no formal training. His bulk and strength make his slightly slower than the average Sans. How he approaches combat is different depending on who he’s fighting. If someone is just posturing, or he doesn’t feel the need to fight, Black’s first instinct is to leave. In fact, there’s a 50/50 chance that if he didn’t initiate the fight, he will leave partway through, simply teleporting away and leaving his opponent wondering if there’s still a fight happening.

If he is serious about fighting though, he makes liberal use of his blue magic and environmental hazards, trying to conserve magic. He will use bones attacks a little more sparingly. He uses blasters even less, mostly for show. He has a decent amount of LOVE, and is not afraid to kill, although he will choose mercy in many cases. Black can take a lot of damage before going down, and if it’s important enough, will fight to the death.

Personality: Black is on the surface, a typical fell Sans. Snarky, sarcastic, and full of inappropriate jokes. He can be condescending and quick to judge at times, and keeps people at arms-length. However, while he might be evasive about or change the subject when there’s something he doesn’t want to talk about, he very rarely lies. Black doesn’t have the energy or the inclination to lie or misrepresent himself. As a result, it’s pretty easy to tell whether someone’s gotten on his bad side or not.

Black is a pretty accepting person, but he’s very slow to open up or trust people, preferring to have more casual relationships. There are a few exceptions, of course, but he for the most part plays it very close to the chest.

He does his best not to judge people based on their alternate selves, but it’s hard to stay unbiased. Black dislikes Papyruses, and avoids them in general, and fell ones in particular. He will pay lip service to most authority figures, but doesn’t really have any respect for most of them. He’s particularly dismissive of the guard, but for the most part keeps that information to himself. He’s friendly towards Alphyses and wary but tolerant of Undynes. He lets Grillbys get away with a lot more shit than he would take from anyone else.

Appearance: Black is 6’2” and heavily built. He’s usually wearing black, although he can be sometimes seen with a bit of red or yellow in his outfit. He has a single tattered hoodie that he has hung onto for years, and while a little worn, he keeps it clean and and rarely goes out without it. He wears shorts and sneakers. He’s got a myriad of cracks and scars over his body, and the most obvious ones are on his face. He has a fake gold tooth, where his left incisor should be. His stance is confident and laid back. He is usually smiling.

Backstory: Black lost his parents very early on in life, and barely remembers them. He does not like to talk about who they were or what they were like. As he got older, raising his younger brother Papyrus proved to be…more than a little difficult. His brother matured at a much faster rate, and even though he was a few years younger, by the time they were teenagers Papyrus towered over Black. At first, this seemed like a good thing. Their timeline was harsh and cutthroat. A bigger, stronger brother is an asset.

Until the brother realizes it. Over the years, their already rocky relationship degraded, and Papyrus’s sadistic side reared its head. It all just got worse once Papyrus was admitted into the royal guard. Power can really go to a monster’s head. Physical and verbal abuse became commonplace, and with the help of Alphys, Black began to look into other universes. Eventually, after a few failed attempts, Black figured out how to shortcut between universes.

When he discovered that he could move between universes, he left his home behind to travel between worlds, enjoying the freedom and agency of his new lifestyle. Black mostly shied away from speaking to the Papyruses of the worlds he visited, but was happy to speak to the other Sanses. He learned a lot about the human, the resets, and the other types of universes.

After a few years, he stumbled across the citadel by accident. He found it a palatable enough place to settle down. He got a job at one of the factories in the Fell district, although he would often sneak the Swap and Tale districts, missing the variety he had when he was timeline-hopping. He would occasionally peek into – or sometimes even teleport into – the homes in these better-off districts. He’s a nosy, curious guy, and if they were going to ban him from living there, he was going to take a little off the top. He didn’t steal from people who really seemed like they needed the money, and never broke into a house that had anyone in it.

Or at least, he never tried to. One day while snooping through one of the wealthier sections the Swap District, Black shortcutted himself into a house owned by a pair of skeleton brothers. He expected to find some fancy food or some extra gold. Instead found an alt of himself chained up in the basement: Rust.

Black doesn’t break into houses anymore.

*~About You~*

Nickname: tenuit
How did you found this forum? Askellie’s post about it.
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): Good
Suggestions? The rules are a little confusing, you may want to have a native speaker go over it and revise? There’s some stuff in the rules that is confusing. Not on every post, of course, but if you’re more clear there you won’t have to spend as much time answering individual questions. For example, I don’t know what “The narrative is in the 3éme nobody, way novel in the 3rd person” or “Avoid the flood in your RP as much as possible” means. I have a pretty good guess but it’s not totally clear.
Anything else? Where/how are we supposed to prove our age to access the 18+ sections?
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PostSubject: Re: Black (UF Sans)   Wed 20 Sep - 19:11


What we call Flood is "OOC comments".

For you age, MP the Admin (Me) or use the Permission section ( a Work in progress but I need help with that)

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Black (UF Sans)
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